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Feature Requests

Text Edit Plus Feature Requests56(Done: 24)
SEO Checker Feature Requests44(Done: 25)
Vov Sticky Notes Feature Requests39(Done: 6)
Vov Music Player Feature Requests36(Done: 18)
OCR Reader Feature Requests32(Done: 21)
PDF Reader Feature Requests28(Done: 14)
Retail Barcode Feature Requests28(Done: 0)
Hide Files Feature Requests25(Done: 7)
Keystroke Visualizer Feature Requests22(Done: 6)
Copy Files Into Multiple Folders Feature Requests21(Done: 6)
Batch URL Downloader Feature Requests20(Done: 9)
Domain Checker Feature Requests20(Done: 2)
Filename Lister Feature Requests20(Done: 3)
Search Text In Files Feature Requests18(Done: 8)
Desktop Diary Feature Requests16(Done: 3)
Directory Monitor Feature Requests16(Done: 6)
Serial Port Monitor Feature Requests16(Done: 7)
Vov Screen Recorder Feature Requests16(Done: 10)
Webcam Capture Feature Requests16(Done: 4)
Speech to Text Converter Feature Requests15(Done: 4)
Auto Mouse Clicker Feature Requests14(Done: 8)
Keyboard Lights Feature Requests14(Done: 4)
Text to MP3 Converter Feature Requests14(Done: 10)
Window Resizer Feature Requests14(Done: 8)
Bulk QR Code Generator Feature Requests13(Done: 8)
Photos to Video Feature Requests13(Done: 4)
Video to Photos Feature Requests13(Done: 5)
Create Image Gallery Feature Requests12(Done: 1)
Cryptocurrency Tracker Feature Requests12(Done: 5)
Prevent Disk Sleep Feature Requests12(Done: 2)
Log Analyzer Feature Requests11(Done: 1)
Document Manager Feature Requests10(Done: 1)
Rename Multiple Files Feature Requests10(Done: 2)
Delete Multiple Files Feature Requests9(Done: 3)
Print Multiple Web Pages Feature Requests9(Done: 1)
Syslog Server Feature Requests9(Done: 0)
Text Statistics Analyzer Feature Requests9(Done: 3)
URL Extractor Feature Requests9(Done: 4)
Compare Two Lists Feature Requests8(Done: 6)
Keyboard Soundboard Feature Requests8(Done: 0)
Open Multiple Files Feature Requests8(Done: 7)
Voice Changer Feature Requests8(Done: 2)
Website Screenshot Generator Feature Requests8(Done: 0)
AI Requester Feature Requests7(Done: 2)
Batch Image Converter Feature Requests7(Done: 2)
Batch Image Resizer Feature Requests7(Done: 4)
Dummy File Generator Feature Requests7(Done: 0)
Duplicate File Finder Feature Requests7(Done: 2)
Image Combiner Feature Requests7(Done: 5)
Keep Software Alive Feature Requests7(Done: 3)
Picture Downloader Feature Requests7(Done: 1)
VCF to CSV Converter Feature Requests7(Done: 4)
Broken Link Detector Feature Requests6(Done: 2)
Bulk Domain Appraisal Feature Requests6(Done: 4)
CSV Splitter Feature Requests6(Done: 3)
File Checksum Calculator Feature Requests6(Done: 3)
Podcast Downloader Feature Requests6(Done: 1)
Read Mode Feature Requests6(Done: 0)
Text to Image Converter Feature Requests6(Done: 1)
Blur Multiple Images Feature Requests5(Done: 2)
Collect URL Feature Requests5(Done: 0)
CPU Monitor Gadget Feature Requests5(Done: 2)
CSV to XLS Converter Feature Requests5(Done: 3)
Sound Recorder Feature Requests5(Done: 2)
Subtitle Renamer Feature Requests5(Done: 0)
XLS to CSV Converter Feature Requests5(Done: 4)
Auto Change Wallpapers Feature Requests4(Done: 0)
Container Loading Calculator Feature Requests4(Done: 1)
CSV to SQL Converter Feature Requests4(Done: 2)
Download Mailbox Emails Feature Requests4(Done: 1)
Hex Viewer Feature Requests4(Done: 3)
HTML Stripper Feature Requests4(Done: 1)
Network Alarmer Feature Requests4(Done: 1)
RAM Benchmark Feature Requests4(Done: 1)
RegEx Extractor Feature Requests4(Done: 2)
Subtitle Translator Feature Requests4(Done: 1)
Time Sync Feature Requests4(Done: 2)
Video Converter Feature Requests4(Done: 0)
Web Platform Identifier Feature Requests4(Done: 2)
3D Box Maker Feature Requests3(Done: 0)
Auto Change Screensavers Feature Requests3(Done: 1)
Batch Translator Feature Requests3(Done: 0)
Convert Video to Audio Feature Requests3(Done: 2)
CSV to JSON Converter Feature Requests3(Done: 0)
CSV to VCF Converter Feature Requests3(Done: 1)
Disk Monitor Gadget Feature Requests3(Done: 0)
Find And Replace Multiple Files Feature Requests3(Done: 1)
Link Analyzer Feature Requests3(Done: 0)
Match Pairs Feature Requests3(Done: 0)
QR Code And Barcode Reader Feature Requests3(Done: 0)
Random Wordlist Generator Feature Requests3(Done: 0)
Screen Reader Feature Requests3(Done: 3)
Sitemap Generator Feature Requests3(Done: 1)
Visual Notes Feature Requests3(Done: 1)
Bulk Barcode Generator Feature Requests2(Done: 0)
Clipboard Reader Feature Requests2(Done: 0)
Contact Manager Feature Requests2(Done: 1)
External Link Detector Feature Requests2(Done: 1)
File Splitter And Joiner Feature Requests2(Done: 2)
Folder Splitter Feature Requests2(Done: 0)
Health Break Reminder Feature Requests2(Done: 0)
Image Splitter Feature Requests2(Done: 1)
Password Generator Feature Requests2(Done: 0)
PDF to Image Converter Feature Requests2(Done: 0)
Picture Puzzle Feature Requests2(Done: 0)
Placebo Cleaner Feature Requests2(Done: 1)
Watermark Video Feature Requests2(Done: 0)
WEBP Converter Feature Requests2(Done: 1)
Burn Studio Feature Requests1(Done: 0)
JSON Beautifier Feature Requests1(Done: 1)
Merge Multiple Folders Feature Requests1(Done: 1)
Noise Detector Feature Requests1(Done: 0)
PDF to Text Converter Feature Requests1(Done: 0)
Prevent Computer Sleep Feature Requests1(Done: 0)
SVG Converter Feature Requests1(Done: 0)
Text Decoder And Encoder Feature Requests1(Done: 0)
Text to PDF Converter Feature Requests1(Done: 1)
Vov Alpha Blend Feature Requests1(Done: 0)
Vov Remote Mouse Feature Requests1(Done: 0)
Vov Stop Start Feature Requests1(Done: 0)
Vov System Uptime Feature Requests1(Done: 1)
Watermark Image Feature Requests1(Done: 0)
Website Spell Checker Feature Requests1(Done: 0)

Trending Feature Requests

5 votes Support for macros (ability to do menu item commands automatically) Text Edit Plus

4 votes Ability to keep and restore application. Application should not ask me to save file when I close the app. Application should save tabs as temporary files. Application should open previous session (saved and unsaved files) next time. Just like "Remember current session for next launch" in Notepad++. Text Edit Plus

4 votes Old and unseen reminders should be displayed after restart. Vov Sticky Notes

3 votes Add bookmarks (ability to jump to specific code-blocks) Text Edit Plus

3 votes Add captions/descriptions to the photos Create Image Gallery

3 votes Borderless windows, little buttons will show when mouse hovered (example on top-right), plus a little shadow under "papers". That's will great and will like a real sticky note! (Delete ve New buttons should be hidden) Vov Sticky Notes

3 votes Font styles such as bold, italic Vov Sticky Notes

3 votes Huge file support Text Edit Plus

3 votes Make it multilingual OCR Reader

3 votes Make the uninstallation password protected Hide Files

3 votes Note window title should be changeable. Vov Sticky Notes