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Feature Requests

Text Edit Plus Feature Requests68(Done: 28)41.2%
Vov Sticky Notes Feature Requests52(Done: 13)25.0%
SEO Checker Feature Requests49(Done: 25)51.0%
OCR Reader Feature Requests41(Done: 22)53.7%
Vov Music Player Feature Requests40(Done: 26)65.0%
PDF Reader Feature Requests34(Done: 16)47.1%
Tree Notes Feature Requests32(Done: 14)43.8%
Retail Barcode Feature Requests30(Done: 3)10.0%
Filename Lister Feature Requests25(Done: 7)28.0%
Hide Files Feature Requests25(Done: 7)28.0%
Search Text In Files Feature Requests25(Done: 11)44.0%
Copy Files Into Multiple Folders Feature Requests23(Done: 7)30.4%
Batch URL Downloader Feature Requests22(Done: 12)54.5%
Keystroke Visualizer Feature Requests22(Done: 7)31.8%
Domain Checker Feature Requests21(Done: 4)19.0%
Window Resizer Feature Requests21(Done: 10)47.6%
Desktop Diary Feature Requests19(Done: 3)15.8%
Auto Mouse Clicker Feature Requests18(Done: 8)44.4%
Directory Monitor Feature Requests18(Done: 8)44.4%
Speech to Text Converter Feature Requests18(Done: 5)27.8%
Text to MP3 Converter Feature Requests17(Done: 12)70.6%
Vov Screen Recorder Feature Requests17(Done: 10)58.8%
Webcam Capture Feature Requests17(Done: 4)23.5%
Website Watcher Feature Requests17(Done: 4)23.5%
Serial Port Monitor Feature Requests16(Done: 7)43.8%
Document Manager Feature Requests15(Done: 2)13.3%
Keyboard Lights Feature Requests15(Done: 4)26.7%
Photos to Video Feature Requests15(Done: 4)26.7%
Batch Image Converter Feature Requests13(Done: 10)76.9%
Bulk QR Code Generator Feature Requests13(Done: 8)61.5%
Create Image Gallery Feature Requests13(Done: 2)15.4%
HTTP Requester Feature Requests13(Done: 10)76.9%
Prevent Disk Sleep Feature Requests13(Done: 4)30.8%
Text Statistics Analyzer Feature Requests13(Done: 3)23.1%
Video to Photos Feature Requests13(Done: 5)38.5%
Batch Translator Feature Requests12(Done: 2)16.7%
Cryptocurrency Tracker Feature Requests12(Done: 5)41.7%
URL Extractor Feature Requests12(Done: 9)75.0%
Batch Image Resizer Feature Requests11(Done: 5)45.5%
Contact Manager Feature Requests11(Done: 2)18.2%
Delete Multiple Files Feature Requests11(Done: 3)27.3%
Log Analyzer Feature Requests11(Done: 1)9.1%
Rename Multiple Files Feature Requests11(Done: 2)18.2%
AI Requester Feature Requests10(Done: 4)40.0%
Health Break Reminder Feature Requests10(Done: 0)0.0%
Keep Software Alive Feature Requests10(Done: 3)30.0%
RegEx Extractor Feature Requests10(Done: 5)50.0%
Syslog Server Feature Requests10(Done: 0)0.0%
Open Multiple Files Feature Requests9(Done: 7)77.8%
Podcast Downloader Feature Requests9(Done: 5)55.6%
Print Multiple Web Pages Feature Requests9(Done: 1)11.1%
Broken Link Detector Feature Requests8(Done: 2)25.0%
Compare Two Lists Feature Requests8(Done: 6)75.0%
Duplicate File Finder Feature Requests8(Done: 2)25.0%
Find And Replace Multiple Files Feature Requests8(Done: 1)12.5%
Keyboard Soundboard Feature Requests8(Done: 0)0.0%
Voice Changer Feature Requests8(Done: 2)25.0%
Website Screenshot Generator Feature Requests8(Done: 2)25.0%
Bulk Domain Appraisal Feature Requests7(Done: 5)71.4%
Dummy File Generator Feature Requests7(Done: 0)0.0%
File Checksum Calculator Feature Requests7(Done: 3)42.9%
Image Combiner Feature Requests7(Done: 5)71.4%
Picture Downloader Feature Requests7(Done: 1)14.3%
Read Mode Feature Requests7(Done: 2)28.6%
VCF to CSV Converter Feature Requests7(Done: 5)71.4%
CSV Splitter Feature Requests6(Done: 4)66.7%
Network Alarmer Feature Requests6(Done: 1)16.7%
RAM Benchmark Feature Requests6(Done: 3)50.0%
Sound Recorder Feature Requests6(Done: 2)33.3%
Subtitle Renamer Feature Requests6(Done: 0)0.0%
Text to Image Converter Feature Requests6(Done: 1)16.7%
XLS to CSV Converter Feature Requests6(Done: 4)66.7%
Blur Multiple Images Feature Requests5(Done: 2)40.0%
Collect URL Feature Requests5(Done: 2)40.0%
CPU Monitor Gadget Feature Requests5(Done: 2)40.0%
CSV to XLS Converter Feature Requests5(Done: 3)60.0%
Download Mailbox Emails Feature Requests5(Done: 1)20.0%
HTML Stripper Feature Requests5(Done: 3)60.0%
Screen Reader Feature Requests5(Done: 3)60.0%
Time Sync Feature Requests5(Done: 2)40.0%
Video Converter Feature Requests5(Done: 0)0.0%
WEBP Converter Feature Requests5(Done: 2)40.0%
Auto Change Screensavers Feature Requests4(Done: 1)25.0%
Auto Change Wallpapers Feature Requests4(Done: 0)0.0%
Clipboard Reader Feature Requests4(Done: 2)50.0%
Container Loading Calculator Feature Requests4(Done: 2)50.0%
Convert Video to Audio Feature Requests4(Done: 3)75.0%
CSV to SQL Converter Feature Requests4(Done: 2)50.0%
Folder Splitter Feature Requests4(Done: 2)50.0%
Hex Viewer Feature Requests4(Done: 4)100.0%
Image Splitter Feature Requests4(Done: 1)25.0%
Link Analyzer Feature Requests4(Done: 0)0.0%
Picture Puzzle Feature Requests4(Done: 0)0.0%
QR Code And Barcode Reader Feature Requests4(Done: 0)0.0%
Sitemap Generator Feature Requests4(Done: 1)25.0%
Subtitle Translator Feature Requests4(Done: 1)25.0%
Watermark Video Feature Requests4(Done: 1)25.0%
Web Platform Identifier Feature Requests4(Done: 2)50.0%
3D Box Maker Feature Requests3(Done: 0)0.0%
Bulk Barcode Generator Feature Requests3(Done: 0)0.0%
CSV to JSON Converter Feature Requests3(Done: 1)33.3%
CSV to VCF Converter Feature Requests3(Done: 2)66.7%
Disk Monitor Gadget Feature Requests3(Done: 0)0.0%
EML Converter Feature Requests3(Done: 0)0.0%
File Splitter And Joiner Feature Requests3(Done: 3)100.0%
Image to PDF Converter Feature Requests3(Done: 2)66.7%
JSON Beautifier Feature Requests3(Done: 1)33.3%
Match Pairs Feature Requests3(Done: 0)0.0%
PDF to Text Converter Feature Requests3(Done: 0)0.0%
Proxy Checker Feature Requests3(Done: 0)0.0%
Random Wordlist Generator Feature Requests3(Done: 0)0.0%
Text Decoder And Encoder Feature Requests3(Done: 0)0.0%
Video Manager Feature Requests3(Done: 1)33.3%
Visual Notes Feature Requests3(Done: 1)33.3%
Compare Two Texts Feature Requests2(Done: 1)50.0%
External Link Detector Feature Requests2(Done: 1)50.0%
Machine Learning Requester Feature Requests2(Done: 0)0.0%
Merge Multiple Folders Feature Requests2(Done: 1)50.0%
Noise Detector Feature Requests2(Done: 0)0.0%
Password Generator Feature Requests2(Done: 1)50.0%
PDF to Image Converter Feature Requests2(Done: 0)0.0%
Placebo Cleaner Feature Requests2(Done: 1)50.0%
Vov Stop Start Feature Requests2(Done: 1)50.0%
Website Spell Checker Feature Requests2(Done: 0)0.0%
Burn Studio Feature Requests1(Done: 0)0.0%
Diagram Maker Feature Requests1(Done: 0)0.0%
IP to Country Converter Feature Requests1(Done: 0)0.0%
Markdown Converter Feature Requests1(Done: 0)0.0%
Prevent Computer Sleep Feature Requests1(Done: 0)0.0%
Speech to Subtitle Converter Feature Requests1(Done: 0)0.0%
Spreadsheet Combiner Feature Requests1(Done: 1)100.0%
SVG Converter Feature Requests1(Done: 0)0.0%
Text to PDF Converter Feature Requests1(Done: 1)100.0%
Vov Alpha Blend Feature Requests1(Done: 0)0.0%
Vov System Uptime Feature Requests1(Done: 1)100.0%
Watermark Image Feature Requests1(Done: 0)0.0%
1332(Done: 492)36.9%

Trending Feature Requests

6 votes Make it multilingual OCR Reader

5 votes Application should check "duplicate pages" SEO Checker

5 votes Support for macros (ability to do menu item commands automatically) Text Edit Plus

4 votes "Meta Tags" tab SEO Checker

4 votes Ability to add a text caption Photos to Video

4 votes Ability to list audio file duration Filename Lister

4 votes Add captions/descriptions to the photos Create Image Gallery

4 votes Display "schema" SEO Checker

4 votes I wish I could add photos or pdf files Desktop Diary

4 votes Inform broken images SEO Checker

3 votes Ability to add multiple regular expressions. (And ability to export which regular expression matched) RegEx Extractor

3 votes Ability to choose PDF pages OCR Reader

3 votes Ability to crawl specific pages SEO Checker

3 votes Ability to export as HTML file Tree Notes

3 votes Ability to find by date Desktop Diary

3 votes Ability to paste images Tree Notes

3 votes Ability to preserve formatting OCR Reader

3 votes Ability to select only specific keys to appear in the visualizer (I only want Ctrl and Alt, maybe Shift too, but I don't need Enter, Backspace, Tab, or the navigation/function keys) Keystroke Visualizer

3 votes Add "Link Position":
Navigation – Links contained within the main nav element, usually the main menu.
Header – Links contained within the header, usually at the top of the page.
Aside – Links contained outside of the main content, often used for call out boxes and sidebars.
Footer – Links contained within the footer at the bottom of the page.
Content – Links contained within the main body content of the page.
SEO Checker

3 votes Add bookmarks (ability to jump to specific code-blocks) Text Edit Plus

3 votes Borderless windows, little buttons will show when mouse hovered (example on top-right), plus a little shadow under "papers". That's will great and will like a real sticky note! (Delete ve New buttons should be hidden) Vov Sticky Notes

3 votes Check status changes (like renewals missed) Domain Checker

3 votes Desktop screen OCR (screenshot reader) OCR Reader

3 votes Display "source URL" for image files SEO Checker

3 votes Display "target" and "rel" values SEO Checker

3 votes Downloading and analyzing should use different threads SEO Checker

3 votes Font styles such as bold, italic Vov Sticky Notes

3 votes Huge file support Text Edit Plus

3 votes Instead of the default value every time, syntax language should be fixed (for example C#)
We need something like:
Ignore Filetype Syntax
Force Preferred Syntax
Always Stick to Selected Syntax
Text Edit Plus

3 votes Left side should display scrollable pages PDF Reader

3 votes Make the uninstallation password protected Hide Files

3 votes Multiple CSV input CSV to XLS Converter

3 votes Sort order for word frequency/occurrence Text Statistics Analyzer

3 votes Sortable columns SEO Checker

3 votes Spell checker Desktop Diary

3 votes Support multiple tabs PDF Reader