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Syslog Server Feature Requests

Here are the features requested by users.

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Syslog Server Icon Syslog Server Windows

Add log rotation

A way to filter sources would be nice. For instance, being able to filter only wifi AP logs. Filter by source could do it.

Ability to change save directory

Ability to handle RFC3164, RFC5424, and non-standard syslog messages

Ability to parse and redirect syslog notifications to services such as Pushover depending on source/facility/severity

Ability to work as service

Add row coloration to make it easier to follow a row

Add rules, filters, output options

Have a "pause" option that halts the scroll of the incoming logs but doesn't "lose" the log entries over the period of time when 'display lines' is unchecked

I suspect the syslog entry is just a string of text and not set up with any cell division. It would be nice, instead, to break the logs by delimiter, similar to CSV.

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