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Vovsoft is the trusted developer of a wide range of user-friendly software. We are dedicated to offering lightweight downloads and constantly improving our products.

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I liked that there was a trial and that it was much like the more expensive tools out there but for a much smaller price.

Joseph Kahn Joseph Kahn Open external link for SEO Checker
President and Director of SEO, Hum JAM

A reliable software provider
5 Stars

Ray White Ray White Open external link
United Kingdom

Awesome softwares.. its very helpful
5 Stars

Rabi Jaiswal Rabi Jaiswal Open external link

Great convenient software without being overly complicated.
5 Stars

Alan Alan Open external link

Thanks for this brilliant program. I have been using it for a few years now and still impressed by it. Firstly, it works first time right out of the box. You just install it and it works, with no weird requirements. Once it is installed it keeps on working. Secondly, this was the first program that gave me functions I didn’t even know I needed. I’m an author and I now use those functions on a daily basis. I highly recommend this program.

Peter Stokes Open external link for Text Edit Plus

Your wonderful software utility, “Prevent Disk Sleep” saved my life!!!! My external hard drive had been going to sleep and waking up constantly, annoying me no end, but with your software everything is now fantastic!!!! Thanks so much!!!! Your Big Fan

Bob Mandel for Prevent Disk Sleep

Hello, Vovsoft Folks. Wow, this is a neat program! I just picked it up from SwOS and it’s really neat! I do work with some text stats from time to time. I even wrote a program that was supposed to give you counts for text selected in any program, but it didn’t work quite right... (I wrote the analytics codes myself, too). Anyway, thank you for sharing your nice program!

Brother Gabriel Marie for Text Statistics Analyzer

In a saturated market of free text editors, initially I was a little hesitant to pay for one. I gave this software a test and have no regrets at all in purchasing it at a very reasonable price with a lifetime license. A wide selection of fonts, the ability to change background colors, and being able to use special characters, all laid out in a simple interface makes this a lovely text editor, which is both useful and fun to use...

Howard for Text Edit Plus

A cheaper way to get technical SEO data from your website.

I was pleased that it had lots of helpful data when looking at the technical data for my website.

I liked that there was a trial and that it was much like the more expensive tools out there but for a much smaller price. I think this would be great for junior or beginner SEO specialists.

Joseph Kahn Open external link for SEO Checker

The CSV converter worked perfectly and practically instantly. I would definitely try anything else Vovsoft offers.

Mike M. Open external link for VCF to CSV Converter

Purchased this program a few weeks ago and it’s been working flawlessly. Very useful and affordably priced. Totally recommended. They have a lot of useful little programs in their web page that are worth checking out.

Juan I. Martin Open external link for Hide Files