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Thanks for this brilliant program. I have been using it for a few years now and still impressed by it. Firstly, it works first time right out of the box. You just install it and it works, with no weird requirements. Once it is installed it keeps on working. Secondly, this was the first program that gave me functions I didn’t even know I needed. I’m an author and I now use those functions on a daily basis. I highly recommend this program.

— Peter Stokes Open external link for Text Edit Plus

Your wonderful software utility, “Prevent Disk Sleep” saved my life!!!! My external hard drive had been going to sleep and waking up constantly, annoying me no end, but with your software everything is now fantastic!!!! Thanks so much!!!! Your Big Fan

— Bob Mandel for Prevent Disk Sleep

Hello, Vovsoft Folks. Wow, this is a neat program! I just picked it up from SwOS and it’s really neat! I do work with some text stats from time to time. I even wrote a program that was supposed to give you counts for text selected in any program, but it didn’t work quite right... (I wrote the analytics codes myself, too). Anyway, thank you for sharing your nice program!

— Brother Gabriel Marie for Text Statistics Analyzer

A cheaper way to get technical SEO data from your website.

I was pleased that it had lots of helpful data when looking at the technical data for my website.

I liked that there was a trial and that it was much like the more expensive tools out there but for a much smaller price. I think this would be great for junior or beginner SEO specialists.

— Joseph Kahn (Hum JAM) Open external link for SEO Checker

In a saturated market of free text editors, initially I was a little hesitant to pay for one. I gave this software a test and have no regrets at all in purchasing it at a very reasonable price with a lifetime license. A wide selection of fonts, the ability to change background colors, and being able to use special characters, all laid out in a simple interface makes this a lovely text editor, which is both useful and fun to use...

— Howard for Text Edit Plus

The CSV converter worked perfectly and practically instantly. I would definitely try anything else Vovsoft offers.

— Mike M. Open external link for VCF to CSV Converter

Purchased this program a few weeks ago and it’s been working flawlessly. Very useful and affordably priced. Totally recommended. They have a lot of useful little programs in their web page that are worth checking out.

— Juan I. Martin Open external link for Hide Files

Excellent neat, simple, clean, Notepad replacement, with some extras — give it a try.

— Peter Blaise Open external link for Text Edit Plus

Thanks for your Prevent Disk Sleep utility, it’s exactly what I was looking for - my disk went to sleep after only 20 seconds of not being used, which resulted in e.g. impossibility of playing MP3, because there were pauses in the middle of songs. While other similar utilities could write a file to the disk in minute intervals (which was useless for me), your utility made it possible to set intervals in seconds - perfect! Thank you!

— Jan Flaska for Prevent Disk Sleep

I love the program because it allows me to keep my thoughts and activities in one place and searchable above that!

— Tim for Desktop Diary

Used it to find broken links on my own website. Works as advertised but took a long time to search through the website. Found a lot of broken links that I did not know existed. Download was fast and so was installation. I give it five stars. Can be very useful if you are a webmaster or maintain a lot of websites for other people.

— Bill Morgan Open external link for Broken Link Detector

Thanks for such a nice and handy program, Filename Lister. Very helpful, saves lots of time, and encourages organization of stuffed partitions.

— Mahmoud Buazzi Open external link for Filename Lister

The Text Edit Plus has some really excellent features, and if you will take just a little time (no more than, say, 10 minutes) to learn how they work, you will be very much rewarded. Have found this to be the very best of all similar programs have tried. And, too, if you have questions about anything, the folks at the other end get back to you immediately, such was the experience here. Do recommend this Text Edit Plus to you.

— Paul n Jean for Text Edit Plus

This is EXACTLY the type of sticky note app I’ve been seeking. I make a reminder and it pops on top of whatever I am doing to remind me it’s time to do the task. Other apps didn’t have the “pop-over” capability this does. It’s great!

— L.A. Stevens Open external link for Vov Sticky Notes

First, I want to assure you that your program is worthwhile. With so many duplicate file finders out there, I hope you are not catching any flack from those users. I rarely ever need to find duplicates. The only time I can think of is when I am having to work with some other person’s files.
I have duplicates for a reason, whether it be a backup copy (or multiple copies), or something similar to what your program’s intent, such as copying a common footer file to multiple locations. I applaud you for creating the anti-duplicate finder.
I know one of the great things about CFIMF is that it is simple. I can understand your incentive to keep it that way as well.

— Gary Smith for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

I grabbed the Vov Sticky Notes and it’s a good program to jot a quick note to remember later. I have ADHD so sometimes I want to take the web address or URL of a news article and post it on Facebook. The problem is that sometimes cutting and pasting won’t work. So I bring up a sticky and type the URL in there then I can copy from the sticky and paste it into a post on Facebook. Works for me. I love all the customization available in this program. All the options are virtual candy to someone like me who enjoys as many options as I can get.

— Max Kohn Open external link for Vov Sticky Notes

Time goes so fast that it takes an app to remind me to take a break. I can’t always stop when an hour is up, but I try to find a stopping point as soon as possible after the alert. Breaks keep me from getting too cramped in one position and maintain good circulation. I set the “work time” and the “idle time” for 60 minutes each. When the break screen pops up, I hit “keep working” and the app resets. Leave the “show idle time” unchecked. I changed the “alert text” to “stand up” which gives me a command and instead of the description “break.” If I am eating, etc., I just leave the break screen sit there until I’m ready to work again.

— Jack Sweeney Open external link for Health Break

Great program, very handy for quick notes and reminders.

— Junel Kramsber Open external link for Vov Sticky Notes

I love the program its great. I have gotten a lot of very useful programs from you guys. Keep up the good work. You rock.

— John Edwards Open external link for Hide Files

Love this thing…use it all the time…

— David Miller Open external link for Vov Sticky Notes

After downloading and installing I’m furious! .... Furious I hadn’t come across this software before, what a neat idea, simple to use. I have a need to copy the same data to several other devices and this is a big time saver ... Oh and just in case you realize it, I quite like this software. Thank you.

— Robert Open external link for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

I really love Vov Sticky Notes. They look great! Thank you so much!

— Franklin Moore Open external link for Vov Sticky Notes

My last laptop had a “caps lock” on light. My current laptop does not. The trouble I have with upper and lower case passwords these days, you would not believe. For me, this little tool is a Godsend. I had to uncheck “play sound effect”, because it conflicted with the windows “caps lock” sound. (Win 10 - Fall update). I have always felt that the Microsoft Windows OS, should incorporate a feature like this. Thank you Vovsoft, and Majorgeeks.

— Stephen Bates Open external link for Keyboard Lights

It is human nature to share thoughts and memories. Many people write them down in a personal diary – but this is inconvenient and makes them carry the diary all the time. Don’t worry, the Desktop Diary will take full responsibility. It is a handy diary app that lets you store your memories. You can protect your account with a password, preventing others from accessing your personal data.

— Daria for Desktop Diary

I used Parsons Technology Daily Journal years ago. Vovsoft works on Windows 10. It seems to be working without license key. Good and easy to use software.

— Arief Bruce for Desktop Diary

Fantastic! Fast, clean, not bloated, plenty features. I’m using to prepare text to copy/paste into Facebook, Messaging, quick notes, fast lists, - just great. Also, the fastest and simplest install and registration ever! Price is equitable.

— HawaiiTex Open external link for Text Edit Plus

Highly impressive software, will definitely recommend.

— Cho Shichirou for Hide Files

I enjoy the simplicity of it and I also like the COMPARE two files side by side. Very handy.

— David Roper Open external link for Text Edit Plus

Simplicity itself to install, run and register the program. If you happen to backup a range of new files manually to several directories (such as music to a local store, NAS server and backup drive), this program will make the process far easier and less time consuming... And now it has the option of removing the source files once the files are ’tucked up’ in their new positions, it’s even more of a time saver.

— Dave Walsh Open external link for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

Thank you for this wonderful music player, I love it.

— Robert Gayland Smith for Vov Music Player

Nice soft, Thank you.

— Dana Giurca Open external link for Health Break

Great program. Blessings and thanks.

— John Dove for Broken Link Detector

This software has some special functions that other text software does not have. I find it very useful, thank you.

— Wang Mingdian for Text Edit Plus

Collect URL is a reliable web crawler for users who need to scan for and save a list of URLs starting from a specific address.

— Catalin Chelariu Open external link for Collect URL

If you are not satisfied with the built in sticky notes, Vov Sticky Notes makes for a great alternative. The best part about Vov Sticky Notes is the amount of customizability it has. You can change the theme, fonts, and color. You can create notes with pictures, or just stick with text. There isn’t any max character limit either.

— Nathan Dantzler for Vov Sticky Notes

I’ve tried several similar programs. I think it’s the best. Simple and great. Thanks!

— John Fowler for Keyboard Lights

I have been looking for an easy to use type of vault for a long time, Hide File suits me very well, thank you.

— Robert Gee for Hide Files

Extremely Responsive! While evaluating ’Copy Into Multiple Folders’, I sent an email with 2 or 3 suggestions for improvements that would make the product perfect for my use case. They immediately responded and added everything I asked for within 72 hours! You can’t beat that!

— TKruzze Open external link for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

I like the uncluttered look and speed of operation.

— Kenneth Bates Open external link for Batch Translator

Thank you! This is the most useful software for MY particular situation that has been offered this year. In fact, I am using it as I write this comment. I need to backup files to TWO different external USB drives on a regular basis every few weeks. It is VERY time consuming to copy files to various folders on each external drive to separate them into proper categories. THIS software has made it SO easy to choose the files for each category and copy them into the appropriate folder on each separate drive. I will be using this software forever. It simply works and is accurate, giving you a “progress report” as each file is copied. I absolutely LOVE this software which is PERFECT for MY particular use. Thank you again!

— SonnyDJ Open external link for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

It’s cute and simple and easy to use.

— Ofra Ora for Image to PDF

Vov Podcast Downloader is a well designed program that works just as advertised.

— Martin Brinkmann Open external link for Podcast Downloader

I like it! Nice Program.

— Sheriff Kenny for Convert Video to Audio

Great app. Thank you so much Sudip.

— Deep Brar Open external link for Open Multiple Files

Excellent work.

— Imran Khan Open external link for Vov Screen Recorder

Very good, easy to use, small but powerful. I recommend it to all users

— Ed Naw for Hide Files

There are a lot of domainchecker websites out there but it is nice to have a powerful and handy app like this. I’ve checked thousands of domain-names without any problems so far.

— Kailum O'Quinn for Domain Checker

I have only been using Text edit plus for a couple months, but I am impressed with the options that it has, and really love the copy paste funtions of being able to cut by columns.

— Brian Westerman Open external link for Text Edit Plus

After a hard day at work, everyone wants to relax and play an exciting and interesting game. There is a solution! You will have fun forgetting about fatigue.

— Daria Open external link for Vov Block Crush

It is a simple text editor, which is your proposal, but with very interesting features, which makes it a great option. I am testing and I have approved everything. One thing that developers could think about this product: internationalize. Like other software, the editor could have versions in other languages. The translation, in general, is done by users. I recommend this editor.

— Nelson André Hofer de Carvalho Open external link for Text Edit Plus

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