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Freeware Utilities

What is Freeware?

Freeware is a combination of the words free and software, to mean “free software”. The term, therefore, refers to software programs that are 100% free of charge. Freeware means there are no paid licenses required to use the application, no fees necessary, no restrictions on how many times you can download or open the program, and no expiration date.

Vovsoft Freeware List

Here you can find the collection of our freeware tools; desktop utilities, system utilities, file tools, and more. These applications are offered free of charge — no nags, no ads, fully functional.

3D Box Maker Icon3D Box Maker

Creates boxshots

Bulk Barcode Generator IconBulk Barcode Generator

Creates barcodes

Burn Studio IconBurn Studio

Lightweight CD, DVD, Blu-ray burning utility

Clipboard Reader IconClipboard Reader

Text-to-speech tool for Windows Clipboard

Compare Two Texts IconCompare Two Texts

Shows differences between 2 texts

CPU Monitor Gadget IconCPU Monitor Gadget

Displays real-time CPU usage

Create Image Gallery IconCreate Image Gallery

Photo gallery software

Cryptocurrency Tracker IconCryptocurrency Tracker

Presents visual representations of coins

Diagram Maker IconDiagram Maker

Creates charts

Disk Benchmark IconDisk Benchmark

Measures hard drive and SSD performance

Disk Monitor Gadget IconDisk Monitor Gadget

Monitors free disk space

Dummy File Generator IconDummy File Generator

Creates multiple files

EML Converter IconEML Converter

Converts EML files

Executable Bit Scanner IconExecutable Bit Scanner

Detects 64-bit and 32-bit files

File Checksum Calculator IconFile Checksum Calculator

Verifies cryptographic hashes

Fluency Counter IconFluency Counter

Stuttering and fluency counter

Hex Viewer IconHex Viewer

Displays binary files

JSON Beautifier IconJSON Beautifier

Converts JSON to readable text

Keyboard Lights IconKeyboard Lights

Caps Lock and Num Lock LEDs software

Keyboard Soundboard IconKeyboard Soundboard

Triggers sounds using computer keyboard

Keyword Combiner IconKeyword Combiner

Mixes words

Map Chart Creator IconMap Chart Creator

Creates map chart

Markdown Converter IconMarkdown Converter

Converts markdown documents to HTML

Match Pairs IconMatch Pairs

Helps boost memory

Merge XML Files IconMerge XML Files

Combines multiple XML files

Network Authenticator IconNetwork Authenticator

Controls client computers in local network

Noise Detector IconNoise Detector

Alerts when noise level is too much

Password Generator IconPassword Generator

Creates secure passwords

Picture Puzzle IconPicture Puzzle

Creates puzzle from image

Placebo Cleaner IconPlacebo Cleaner

Ultimate system optimizer

Prevent Computer Sleep IconPrevent Computer Sleep

Prevents your computer from going to sleep

Prevent Disk Sleep IconPrevent Disk Sleep

Keeps your drives alive

Prime Number Counter IconPrime Number Counter

Calculates prime numbers automatically

Proxy Checker IconProxy Checker

Checks proxy servers

Proxy Server IconProxy Server

Simple HTTP/SOCKS proxy

RAM Benchmark IconRAM Benchmark

Measures RAM performance

RAM Monitor Gadget IconRAM Monitor Gadget

Displays how much RAM is being used

Random Wordlist Generator IconRandom Wordlist Generator

Creates wordlists

Screen Reader IconScreen Reader

Magnifies screen and reads aloud

Speech to Subtitle Converter IconSpeech to Subtitle Converter

Creates subtitle files

Subtitle Renamer IconSubtitle Renamer

Renames subtitles to match videos

Text Decoder And Encoder IconText Decoder And Encoder

Encodes and decodes text

Text to PDF Converter IconText to PDF Converter

Converts text to PDF

Time Sync IconTime Sync

Syncs computer clock

Video Converter IconVideo Converter

Converts video files

Video Manager IconVideo Manager

Video navigation tool

Visual Notes IconVisual Notes

Creates colorful notes

Voice Changer IconVoice Changer

Adds effects to audio files

Vov Music Player IconVov Music Player

Lightweight audio player

Vov System Uptime IconVov System Uptime

Displays Windows uptime

Webcam Capture IconWebcam Capture

Webcam snapshot software

WEBP Converter IconWEBP Converter

Converts WebP files

Website Spell Checker IconWebsite Spell Checker

Identifies spelling mistakes

Total: 53 freeware tools