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Translation Vovsoft applications are being developed primarily in English. We also try to translate them into other languages with the help of our community. We rely on you to help us keep translations for your language up to date.

Language Files

Multilingual Vovsoft applications use language files with filename format [Language].lang.txt

LanguageLanguage FileCompletion
ALBANIANAlbanian.lang.txt Download Albanian.lang.txt48 %
ARABICArabic.lang.txt Download Arabic.lang.txt97 %
BULGARIANBulgarian.lang.txt Download Bulgarian.lang.txt52 %
CHINESE (SIMPLIFIED)ChineseSimplified.lang.txt Download ChineseSimplified.lang.txt99 %
CHINESE (TRADITIONAL)ChineseTraditional.lang.txt Download ChineseTraditional.lang.txt72 %
DUTCHDutch.lang.txt Download Dutch.lang.txt89 %
FINNISHFinnish.lang.txt Download Finnish.lang.txt96 %
FRENCHFrench.lang.txt Download French.lang.txt100 %
GERMANGerman.lang.txt Download German.lang.txt91 %
HUNGARIANHungarian.lang.txt Download Hungarian.lang.txt97 %
ITALIANItalian.lang.txt Download Italian.lang.txt100 %
JAPANESEJapanese.lang.txt Download Japanese.lang.txt100 %
KOREANKorean.lang.txt Download Korean.lang.txt89 %
PERSIANPersian.lang.txt Download Persian.lang.txt97 %
POLISHPolish.lang.txt Download Polish.lang.txt95 %
PORTUGUESE (BRAZIL)PortugueseBrazil.lang.txt Download PortugueseBrazil.lang.txt86 %
PORTUGUESE (PORTUGAL)PortuguesePortugal.lang.txt Download PortuguesePortugal.lang.txt59 %
RUSSIANRussian.lang.txt Download Russian.lang.txt98 %
SLOVENIANSlovenian.lang.txt Download Slovenian.lang.txt88 %
SPANISHSpanish.lang.txt Download Spanish.lang.txt89 %
SWEDISHSwedish.lang.txt Download Swedish.lang.txt48 %
TURKISHTurkish.lang.txt Download Turkish.lang.txt100 %

How to Contribute to Translation

Language files are UTF-8 encoded plain text files which can be easily edited by any text editor. Please note that a language file can be used by all multilingual Vovsoft applications. No need to translate each application separately.

Missing translations are placed at the bottom of language files so that translators can access them more easily.

If you are in doubt about the context while translating, you can contact us.

"Drive" must be translated in the context of HDD and SSD drives, instead of automobile driving.

If you create a new language file, or have updates for already existing language file, and want others to enjoy it, please contact us. We would be happy to embed it in public downloads.

Translators Heart

We would like to thank you for the time and effort taken to contribute.
LanguageTranslator Names
CHINESE (SIMPLIFIED)lurenjia, Mr_Xuan, 周北北, [email protected]
DUTCHArjan op t Hof
FRENCHDaniel Vranckx, Dpfpic, Largo, Lotfi Mtimet
GERMANDDsKiNyDD, Klaus Zimmermann
ITALIANbovirus, Lello Spinarelli, Massimo Pedrazzoli
JAPANESEnyany2828, wakaizumo
PERSIANAhmad Khajehpoorr, Ali Homayouni
POLISHFresta, Roberto
RUSSIANБлагоЯр Тишина
SLOVENIANJadran Rudec, Stanislav R.
SPANISHHernán F, José Pizzani
TURKISHFatih Ramazan Çıkan, Osman Öz

Our Multilingual Applications


Copy Files Into Multiple Folders IconCopy Files Into Multiple Folders

Batch file copy

Delete Multiple Files IconDelete Multiple Files

Batch delete tool

Health Break IconHealth Break

Remind yourself to get up and relax

Hide Files IconHide Files

Secure your files and folders

Keyboard Lights IconKeyboard Lights

Caps Lock and Num Lock LEDs software

Keystroke Visualizer IconKeystroke Visualizer

Display pressed keys

Prevent Disk Sleep IconPrevent Disk Sleep

Keep your drives alive

Retail Barcode IconRetail Barcode

Point of sale software

Text Edit Plus IconText Edit Plus

Text editor with helpful features

Time Sync IconTime Sync

Syncs your computer clock

VCF to CSV Converter IconVCF to CSV Converter

Converts VCF to CSV

VCF to TXT Converter IconVCF to TXT Converter

Convert VCF to Text

VCF to XLS Converter IconVCF to XLS Converter

Convert VCF to Excel

Vov Screen Recorder IconVov Screen Recorder

Capture computer screen

Vov Sticky Notes IconVov Sticky Notes

Create digital stickers and reminders

How to Change Language

Language under Help Menu

Multilingual Vovsoft apps can detect "Windows display language" and use it as default language. In order to change the app language, you can click the Language item under Help menu. If your language isn't listed there, make sure the language files exist in Languages directory.

Default directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VOVSOFT\[SoftwareName]\Languages