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Vovsoft 64-bit Software List

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32-bit programs can access up to 4 GB of memory (RAM), while 64-bit programs can access much more. Besides being able to use more RAM, 64-bit applications can access some Windows APIs specific to 64-bit applications. Because of that we offer some of our programs as 64-bits in order to utilize the benefits of x64 computing.

Please note that 64-bit programs need x64 CPU and 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows to run, while 32-bit programs can run on both 32-bit (i386 or IA-32) and 64-bit (x86_64) operating systems.

64-bit Vovsoft Programs

Compare Two Lists IconCompare Two Lists

Shows differences between 2 lists

Compare Two Texts IconCompare Two Texts

Shows differences between 2 texts

CSV to JSON Converter IconCSV to JSON Converter

Converts CSV to JSON

CSV to SQL Converter IconCSV to SQL Converter

Converts CSV to SQL

Image Combiner IconImage Combiner

Combines multiple images

Image Splitter IconImage Splitter

Splits image files

JSON to CSV Converter IconJSON to CSV Converter

Converts JSON to CSV

Keep Software Alive IconKeep Software Alive

Keeps apps running

Keyword Combiner IconKeyword Combiner

Mixes words

Merge XML Files IconMerge XML Files

Combines multiple XML files

Photos to Video IconPhotos to Video

Converts images to video

RAM Benchmark IconRAM Benchmark

Measures RAM performance

Text Statistics Analyzer IconText Statistics Analyzer

Generates stats from text

Video Converter IconVideo Converter

Converts video files

Video Manager IconVideo Manager

Video navigation tool

Video to Photos IconVideo to Photos

Converts videos to image files

Vov Screen Recorder IconVov Screen Recorder

Captures computer screen

Website Screenshot Generator IconWebsite Screenshot Generator

Captures website screenshots

Window Resizer IconWindow Resizer

Resizes Windows apps

Why aren't all Vovsoft programs 64-bit?

Short answer, compatibility. 64-bit applications can't run on 32-bit Windows editions. However 32-bit applications can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows editions.

Most applications don't need large amounts of RAM and don't need to be deployed as 64-bit executables. Vovsoft's rule of thumb is to keep everything simple and reach more people.

Even though 64-bit programs have many advantages, they do not have to run faster than 32-bit programs. In many cases, 32-bit programs run faster.

Speaking of security, 64-bit executables have a larger address space, which makes it more difficult for attackers to predict the location of important system components in memory. However the security of an executable depends on many factors beyond that. For example, the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is supported on both 32 and 64 bit code.

As a result, we only release a 64-bit executable if we think it is worth doing so.

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