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Website Screenshot Generator

Captures website screenshots

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Release Date: February 18, 2023
Version: 1.0 (Version History)

Vovsoft Website Screenshot Generator is a powerful automation tool that allows you to capture screenshots of multiple web pages with just a few clicks. Whether you need to take screenshots for website testing, marketing, or design purposes, this software provides an easy and efficient solution. With its intuitive interface, you can simply enter the URLs, adjust the capture settings, and save the website snapshots in the desired format.

Batch URL to image converter

This batch URL to image converter program is an essential tool for anyone who needs to generate website screenshots quickly and easily. With this software, you can take high-quality screenshots of any website, and save them in the format of your choice, including PDF, PNG, and JPEG.

Whether you are a web developer, marketer, or designer, this software is a must-have tool that can help you streamline your workflow, and save time. With its user-friendly interface and ability to save screenshots as PDF, PNG, and JPEG, this software is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to capture website screenshots regularly.

This application includes and uses Chromium.

How to capture website screenshots in bulk

You can use this software to bulk create screenshot capture of web pages. Follow the simple steps:

  1. Download and run Vovsoft Website Screenshot Generator
  2. Click "Add HTML Files" or "Add URL List" button
  3. Add batches of HTML files or URLs
  4. Choose output format (PDF, PNG, JPG)
  5. Choose destination directory
  6. Click "Start" button

Key Features

* Website to PDF

* Website to PNG

* Website to JPG

* Webpage snapshot

Category: Graphic Apps - Converters & Optimizers

Supports: Windows Windows 11, Windows 10 (64-bit)

Language: English

License: Freeware — no nags, no ads, fully functional

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