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Vovsoft Portable Software List

Date Last updated 6 months ago
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Our portable utilities are listed below. These programs, as opposed to counterparts with installers, don't require installation onto a computer.

Portable apps work from any device (USB flash drive, portable hard drive, cloud drive, memory card, etc). When your portable device is plugged in or your cloud drive is synced, you have access to your software and personal data just as you would on your own PC. And when you unplug the device, none of your personal data is left behind.

* Difference between Installer and Portable Editions

Auto Change Screensavers IconAuto Change Screensavers

Change your screensavers automatically

Auto Mouse Clicker IconAuto Mouse Clicker

Automatic mouse move and click software

Baby Computer Fun IconBaby Computer Fun

Let babies have fun playing with computer

Batch Translator IconBatch Translator

Translate multiple texts at once

Batch URL Downloader IconBatch URL Downloader

Download multiple links

Blur Multiple Images IconBlur Multiple Images

Add a blur effect to large numbers of images

Broken Link Detector IconBroken Link Detector

Check for broken links

Bulk Domain Appraisal IconBulk Domain Appraisal

Domain appraisal tool

Collect URL IconCollect URL

Scan internet for URL links

Compare Two Lists IconCompare Two Lists

Compare differences between two lists

Container Loading Calculator IconContainer Loading Calculator

Cargo optimization software

Copy Files Into Multiple Folders IconCopy Files Into Multiple Folders

Batch copy into multiple directories

CPU Monitor Gadget IconCPU Monitor Gadget

Display how much CPU is being used

CSV Splitter IconCSV Splitter

Split CSV into multiple files

CSV to SQL Converter IconCSV to SQL Converter

Convert CSV to SQL

CSV to VCF Converter IconCSV to VCF Converter

Excel to VCF

Delete Multiple Files IconDelete Multiple Files

Batch delete tool

Disk Monitor Gadget IconDisk Monitor Gadget

Monitor free disk space

Document Manager IconDocument Manager

Manage documents with ease

Domain Checker IconDomain Checker

Bulk domain search tool

Download Mailbox Emails IconDownload Mailbox Emails

Back up emails

Duplicate File Finder IconDuplicate File Finder

Find duplicate files

Email Extractor IconEmail Extractor

Gather e-mails from files

External Link Detector IconExternal Link Detector

Scan outbound links

File Checksum Calculator IconFile Checksum Calculator

Verify cryptographic hashes in MD5 and SHA-1

File Splitter And Joiner IconFile Splitter And Joiner

Split and merge files

Filename Lister IconFilename Lister

List files and directories

Find And Replace Multiple Files IconFind And Replace Multiple Files

Find and replace multiple files at once

Health Break IconHealth Break

Remind yourself to get up and relax

Image to PDF IconImage to PDF

Convert your image files to PDF

Keyboard Lights IconKeyboard Lights

Lights for Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock

Keyboard Soundboard IconKeyboard Soundboard

Trigger sounds using computer keyboard

Keystroke Visualizer IconKeystroke Visualizer

Display pressed keys

Link Analyzer IconLink Analyzer

Check website links

Log Analyzer IconLog Analyzer

Search in large text files

M3U8 Downloader IconM3U8 Downloader

Download video streams

Map Chart Creator IconMap Chart Creator

Create map chart

Match Pairs IconMatch Pairs

Memory game

Math Practice IconMath Practice

Teach basic math to kids

Merge XML Files IconMerge XML Files

Combine multiple XML files

Network Alarmer IconNetwork Alarmer

Check your network devices regularly

Open Multiple Files IconOpen Multiple Files

Multiple file opener software

PDF Reader IconPDF Reader

Lightweight PDF viewer

Picture Downloader IconPicture Downloader

Extract images from web

Placebo Cleaner IconPlacebo Cleaner

Ultimate system optimizer

Podcast Downloader IconPodcast Downloader

Download podcast files to your computer

Prevent Disk Sleep IconPrevent Disk Sleep

Keep your drives alive

Print Multiple Web Pages IconPrint Multiple Web Pages

Batch print tool for HTML files

RAM Monitor Gadget IconRAM Monitor Gadget

Display how much RAM is being used

Random Wordlist Generator IconRandom Wordlist Generator

Create word lists in seconds

Read Mode IconRead Mode

Make long chunks of text easier to read

Rename Multiple Files IconRename Multiple Files

Fast and easy batch renamer

Screen Reader IconScreen Reader

Magnify screen and read aloud

Search Text in Files IconSearch Text in Files

Quickly find files containing specific text

SEO Checker IconSEO Checker

Website analyzer and SEO audit tool

Sound Recorder IconSound Recorder

Record audio from input or output device

Speech to Text Converter IconSpeech to Text Converter

Audio to text converter

Subtitle Renamer IconSubtitle Renamer

Rename subtitle files according to videos

Subtitle Translator IconSubtitle Translator

Translate SRT and VTT files

Text Decoder IconText Decoder

Encode and decode text

Text Edit Plus IconText Edit Plus

Text editor with helpful features

Text Statistics Analyzer IconText Statistics Analyzer

Create stats out of any text

Text to Image Converter IconText to Image Converter

Convert any text to image file

Text to MP3 Converter IconText to MP3 Converter

Convert text to speech

Text to PDF Converter IconText to PDF Converter

Convert text to PDF

Time Sync IconTime Sync

Sync your clock with a time server

VCF to CSV Converter IconVCF to CSV Converter

Convert VCF to CSV

VCF to TXT Converter IconVCF to TXT Converter

Convert VCF vCard files to TXT file

VCF to XLS Converter IconVCF to XLS Converter

Convert VCF to Excel

Visual Notes IconVisual Notes

Create visual notes

Voice Changer IconVoice Changer

Apply various effects to audio files

Vov HTTP Requester IconVov HTTP Requester

Batch HTTP client for POST and GET queries

Vov Music Player IconVov Music Player

Lightweight audio player

Vov Screen Recorder IconVov Screen Recorder

Capture computer screen

Vov Sticky Notes IconVov Sticky Notes

Create digital stickers and reminders

Vov System Uptime IconVov System Uptime

Basic tool for monitoring system uptime

Vov Watermark Image IconVov Watermark Image

Add watermark to images

Watermark Video IconWatermark Video

Add watermark to video

Webcam Capture IconWebcam Capture

Webcam snapshot software

Window Resizer IconWindow Resizer

Resize Windows apps to any dimensions

World Heatmap Creator IconWorld Heatmap Creator

Create geographic heat map

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