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How to Download All Vovsoft Software

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Date Last updated 1 month ago
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Since we have over 100 software products, many of our users are wondering about an easy way to download them all at once. We did not ignore the request from our users and included an option to download all Vovsoft software in Vovsoft Batch URL Downloader.

Please note that this feature is only available for licensed users.

How to do it in 4 easy steps

  1. Download and run Vovsoft Batch URL Downloader.
  2. Click the Insert menu (at the top of the main window).
  3. Choose one of these two menu items:
    • Vovsoft Download Links (Installer)
    • Vovsoft Download Links (Portable)
  4. Click the DOWNLOAD ALL button.

Batch URL Downloader Insert Menu Screenshot

Always the most up-to-date versions

The good news is that these menu items always fetch and list the download links of the most up-to-date versions, including the most recently released programs.

Choose between installer and portable

You can choose either Installer or Portable editions.

* Difference between Installer and Portable Editions

Install using Command Line

If you prefer to install programs, but instead of dealing with one by one, you can use the PowerShell or the command prompt.

* How to Run a Silent Install using Command Line

In this blog post, we covered how to download the entire Vovsoft collection with the help of Vovsoft Batch URL Downloader.

Batch URL Downloader Icon Batch URL Downloader Windows

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