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Date Last updated 5 months ago
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Universal License Key Image
One key to rule them all!

At Vovsoft, our aim is to create compact yet highly useful programs for everyone. The Universal License is a special offering for users who appreciate our work and say, 'Hey Vovsoft, keep up the good work!'

This license grants access to all Vovsoft desktop applications, including all future updates. Initially we designed this license for our in-house team, we later decided to make it available to our users as well. With just a single license key, you can unlock all Vovsoft desktop applications.

Your support empowers us to enhance our software and continue delivering quality products in the future. If you enjoy our software or you're eagerly awaiting new programs and features, please consider obtaining your Vovsoft Universal License Key.

Thank you!

* Payment Questions

Purchase Universal License

Products Included

A universal license key can unlock all applications listed below (and possibly more in the future).

* How to Download All Vovsoft Software

TestimonialsRegular Price
ai-requester VOVSOFT - AI Requester$19
auto-change-screensavers VOVSOFT - Auto Change Screensavers$19
auto-change-wallpapers VOVSOFT - Auto Change Wallpapers$19
auto-mouse-clicker VOVSOFT - Auto Mouse Clicker$19
batch-image-converter VOVSOFT - Batch Image Converter$19
batch-image-resizer VOVSOFT - Batch Image Resizer$19
batch-translator VOVSOFT - Batch Translator$19
batch-url-downloader VOVSOFT - Batch URL Downloader$19
blur-multiple-images VOVSOFT - Blur Multiple Images$19
broken-link-detector VOVSOFT - Broken Link Detector$19
bulk-domain-appraisal VOVSOFT - Bulk Domain Appraisal$19
bulk-qr-code-generator VOVSOFT - Bulk QR Code Generator$19
collect-url VOVSOFT - Collect URL$19
compare-two-lists VOVSOFT - Compare Two Lists$19
contact-manager VOVSOFT - Contact Manager$19
container-loading-calculator VOVSOFT - Container Loading Calculator$19
convert-video-to-audio VOVSOFT - Convert Video to Audio$19
copy-files-into-multiple-folders VOVSOFT - Copy Files Into Multiple Folders$19
csv-splitter VOVSOFT - CSV Splitter$19
csv-to-json-converter VOVSOFT - CSV to JSON Converter$19
csv-to-sql-converter VOVSOFT - CSV to SQL Converter$19
csv-to-vcf-converter VOVSOFT - CSV to VCF Converter$19
csv-to-xls-converter VOVSOFT - CSV to XLS Converter$19
delete-multiple-files VOVSOFT - Delete Multiple Files$19
desktop-diary VOVSOFT - Desktop Diary$19
directory-monitor VOVSOFT - Directory Monitor$19
document-manager VOVSOFT - Document Manager$19
domain-checker VOVSOFT - Domain Checker$19
download-mailbox-emails VOVSOFT - Download Mailbox Emails$19
duplicate-file-finder VOVSOFT - Duplicate File Finder$19
external-link-detector VOVSOFT - External Link Detector$19
file-splitter-and-joiner VOVSOFT - File Splitter And Joiner$19
filename-lister VOVSOFT - Filename Lister$19
find-and-replace-multiple-files VOVSOFT - Find And Replace Multiple Files$19
folder-splitter VOVSOFT - Folder Splitter$19
health-break-reminder VOVSOFT - Health Break Reminder$19
hide-files VOVSOFT - Hide Files$19
html-stripper VOVSOFT - HTML Stripper$19
http-requester VOVSOFT - HTTP Requester$19
image-combiner VOVSOFT - Image Combiner$19
image-splitter VOVSOFT - Image Splitter$19
image-to-pdf-converter VOVSOFT - Image to PDF Converter$19
ip-to-country-converter VOVSOFT - IP to Country Converter$19
json-to-csv-converter VOVSOFT - JSON to CSV Converter$19
keep-software-alive VOVSOFT - Keep Software Alive$19
keystroke-visualizer VOVSOFT - Keystroke Visualizer$19
link-analyzer VOVSOFT - Link Analyzer$19
log-analyzer VOVSOFT - Log Analyzer$19
machine-learning-requester VOVSOFT - Machine Learning Requester$19
math-practice VOVSOFT - Math Practice$19
merge-multiple-folders VOVSOFT - Merge Multiple Folders$19
network-alarmer VOVSOFT - Network Alarmer$19
ocr-reader VOVSOFT - OCR Reader$19
open-multiple-files VOVSOFT - Open Multiple Files$19
pdf-reader VOVSOFT - PDF Reader$19
pdf-to-image-converter VOVSOFT - PDF to Image Converter$19
pdf-to-text-converter VOVSOFT - PDF to Text Converter$19
photos-to-video VOVSOFT - Photos to Video$19
picture-downloader VOVSOFT - Picture Downloader$19
podcast-downloader VOVSOFT - Podcast Downloader$19
print-multiple-web-pages VOVSOFT - Print Multiple Web Pages$19
qr-code-and-barcode-reader VOVSOFT - QR Code And Barcode Reader$19
read-mode VOVSOFT - Read Mode$19
regex-extractor VOVSOFT - RegEx Extractor$19
rename-multiple-files VOVSOFT - Rename Multiple Files$19
retail-barcode VOVSOFT - Retail Barcode$19
search-text-in-files VOVSOFT - Search Text In Files$19
seo-checker VOVSOFT - SEO Checker$19
serial-port-monitor VOVSOFT - Serial Port Monitor$19
sitemap-generator VOVSOFT - Sitemap Generator$19
sound-recorder VOVSOFT - Sound Recorder$19
speech-to-text-converter VOVSOFT - Speech to Text Converter$19
spreadsheet-combiner VOVSOFT - Spreadsheet Combiner$19
subtitle-translator VOVSOFT - Subtitle Translator$19
svg-converter VOVSOFT - SVG Converter$19
syslog-server VOVSOFT - Syslog Server$19
text-edit-plus VOVSOFT - Text Edit Plus$19
text-statistics-analyzer VOVSOFT - Text Statistics Analyzer$19
text-to-image-converter VOVSOFT - Text to Image Converter$19
text-to-mp3-converter VOVSOFT - Text to MP3 Converter$19
tree-notes VOVSOFT - Tree Notes$19
url-extractor VOVSOFT - URL Extractor$19
vcf-to-csv-converter VOVSOFT - VCF to CSV Converter$19
vcf-to-txt-converter VOVSOFT - VCF to TXT Converter$19
vcf-to-xls-converter VOVSOFT - VCF to XLS Converter$19
video-to-photos VOVSOFT - Video to Photos$19
vov-alpha-blend VOVSOFT - Vov Alpha Blend$19
vov-screen-recorder VOVSOFT - Vov Screen Recorder$19
vov-sticky-notes VOVSOFT - Vov Sticky Notes$19
vov-stop-start VOVSOFT - Vov Stop Start$19
watermark-image VOVSOFT - Watermark Image$19
watermark-video VOVSOFT - Watermark Video$19
web-platform-identifier VOVSOFT - Web Platform Identifier$19
website-screenshot-generator VOVSOFT - Website Screenshot Generator$19
website-watcher VOVSOFT - Website Watcher$19
window-resizer VOVSOFT - Window Resizer$19
world-heatmap-creator VOVSOFT - World Heatmap Creator$19
xls-to-csv-converter VOVSOFT - XLS to CSV Converter$19
Vovsoft Logo Vovsoft Universal License$1862
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Comments Responses (9)

Avatar Image
Nov 21, 2023 at 08:45 pm (PST) | Reply
Please change the currency to €, because it's misleading at the checkout page.

Avatar Image
Detlev Harland
May 2, 2023 at 12:19 pm (PST) | Reply
I have just installed the dokument manager. The support promised to me that I get a german license if I have bought a license. Now I'm waiting for a german license. Please support do not forget me.

Avatar Image
Juergen G.
Jan 27, 2023 at 03:11 am (PST) | Reply
Hi, yesterday I stumbled over the Text Edit Plus promotion at BDJ, purchased and was very satisfied. (though theprocedure to get the reg-key was a pain for visually handicapped people) Today I spent some hours to look over your impressive list of other tools. You've got a new customer now. :-)

Avatar Image
Jun 16, 2022 at 09:11 pm (PST) | Reply
How many users? Can 1 license be install on 3 computers?
Avatar Image
Vovsoft Support
Jul 18, 2022 at 04:16 am (PST) | Reply
Hello Bill. If you are a single user, you can install on multiple computers. Please read "Payment Questions" for more information.

Avatar Image
Thomas Mueller
Nov 22, 2021 at 11:32 pm (PST) | Reply
Sticky notes not included in the bulk package?
Avatar Image
Vovsoft Support
Nov 23, 2021 at 12:32 am (PST) | Reply
Hi Thomas. Universal License has no exception. You can unlock any Vovsoft desktop application that requires a license key. Sticky Notes is included in the bulk package as well.

Avatar Image
MJ Nunag
Nov 24, 2020 at 10:39 pm (PST) | Reply
Is the universal key applicable to multiple pc?
Avatar Image
Vovsoft Support
Nov 24, 2020 at 10:52 pm (PST) | Reply
Hi MJ Nunag. Yes, if you are a single-user, you only need to buy 1 license. Please read "Payment Questions" for more information.

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