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Wonderful program. Get it!

— Morgan Pierce Open external link for Text Edit Plus

Simple, practical at a low price

Ok, it’s not a screaming frog. But it doesn’t have to be at this price.

SEO Checker is a cheap practical tool to quickly get a good overview of all titles, descriptions and headings of a website. Just crawled 775 single pages on a website... works for me and maybe the developers will extend the program in the future.

— htchr Open external link for SEO Checker

Cool, thanks! Thank you! Thanks to the developer, able, always, success. Your developers did a great job. This app is over 5 stars. I’m very happy. use this powerful software of this site. Thanks again for your sincere cooperation. Have a good day.

— Mahdi Ameri Open external link for Voice Changer

Great app for creating a sitemap

This is very handy app - for creating a sitemap, and enumerating all of the pages (e.g. if for some reason they are excluded from sitemap.xml).

Please continue adding features to the app!

— Business_Strategist_EugenSpivak.com Open external link for SEO Checker

This is probably the easiest software application you can find in the market. The company believes in simplicity and has developed a no-nonsense software that does its job with the utmost perfection.

— Anastasiia Williams Open external link for VCF to CSV Converter

I have found Text Edit Plus to be a very useful program and have found uses that I didn’t know I needed. Thank you VOV developers for producing such a great variety of software.

— Robert Smith Open external link for Text Edit Plus

Great program

Program worked as expected. Accurate, easy to use. Fair price. No viruses.

— Anonymous User Open external link for VCF to CSV Converter

Vovsoft SEO Checker has various useful tools for website owners.

— Daria Open external link for SEO Checker

I like it!
Boa noite. Obrigado pelo programa. Parabéns.

— MayconBack for M3U8 Downloader

Just wanted to say, I just tried Text edit Plus for the first time and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much and have a great day!!

— JP for Text Edit Plus

No problems what-so-ever, It did what it claimed.

— Hash M. for Vov System Uptime

Totally works, thanks a lot!

— Mahmoud Sayed for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

Good at the job, ten out of ten.

— Anonymous User for Read Mode

I like what i am seeing. I have been using Text Edit Plus for years.

— David R. for Text Edit Plus

Very useful program. Got it from Giveaway of the day. Thank you.

— Jim for Vov Sticky Notes

THIS APP IS AMAZING, i really like how it can lock files and the many options like reset your password or add files or drives 10/10.

— Mutaz M. for Hide Files

Really cool for laptops.

— Bernardo Fernández Chaín Open external link for Keyboard Lights

Your application was chosen to become one of six evaluated applications for our monthly White Paper.

— Metamorfosec for Hide Files

Thanks, do keep up the good work of finding cool functions to add to your product.

— Egil G. for Text Edit Plus

This is actually very good.

— Anonymous User for Image to PDF

Worked great, stable, simple, fast, FREE, love it..!!

— Bob for M3U8 Downloader

It is a great filenamer program

— Anonymous User for Filename Lister

Brilliant concept, thank you.

— Mr Eastwood for Vov Alpha Blend

Thank you for this app. Your site is necessary...

— Jacques Prada Open external link for Text Statistics Analyzer

Excellent software. Love simplicity!

— Anonymous User for Daily Journal


— Sunil M. for Read Mode

I like your Daily Journal Software. It is very simple and straight forward.

— Richard for Daily Journal

Nice. I like the ability to create a quick note for myself without going to a larger program. My go to is/was notepad++. I really feel that i will use this when a few lines are the only things needed.

— Romey for Vov Sticky Notes

Affordable and Good
The software works as expected. A bit slow getting the results, but it seems like it’s happening due to the GoDaddy restrictions, and not the software’s fault.

— Anonymous User Open external link for Bulk Domain Appraisal

Simplicity and Excellent.
I have been looking for something to keep my external drives awake for ages. Vovsoft provides a simple application that does just this and it works great. Immediately sent them a small payment to show my appreciation.
Life at my computer with my many computer hobbies and many external drives is literally 100% improved.

— Dan Open external link for Prevent Disk Sleep

Not much to say, but that Text Edit Plus is exactly what I have been looking for in a text editor. Excellent !

— AE Renaud Open external link for Text Edit Plus

This program is awesome. It works :))

— Anonymous User for M3U8 Downloader

Great feature set for the cost. Looking forward to them adding more features. Soon this will be a contender for some of the big name technical SEO apps.

— Anonymous User Open external link for SEO Checker

Thank you for this great and useful application!
It works and does the job well!

— Giuseppe Open external link for Filename Lister

The program is perfect, simple and easy to use, the only thing that could improve, if possible, is that it can download the right file name, instead of giving a generic name, it would make it much easier !!!

— Anonymous User for M3U8 Downloader

My Swiss Army Knife

This text editor is like a little pocket knife that has all the tools you need right now. It’s small, lightweight but does an awesome job. It sits in my taskbar ready to go.

— Anonymous User Open external link for Text Edit Plus

Stuttering and other speech defects are not uncommon among the population. They can occur both in childhood and adolescence. Correct speech diagnostics and analysis will minimize and create a decent approach. Fluency Counter is a great application that will become your trusted friend.

— Daria Open external link for Fluency Counter

Wow! There are no words for how much time this app will save me. It downloaded and installed easily and works just like it says. Thank you!

— Phoenix Open external link for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

This is VERY good looking software to start out, and behaves smoothly. I love your themes and coloration options.

— Anonymous User for Retail Barcode

So easy to use and did exactly what I needed. Highly recommend 👌

— Miss Vivi Open external link for Email Extractor

Prevent Disk Sleep is a beautifully simple and unintrusive utility that does exactly what it says. It’s been a lifesaver for me trying to use an external hard drive with an Avid editing system. Thank you

— Anonymous User for Prevent Disk Sleep

After trying a lot of freeware pic downloader, I found this to be the most successful picture ripper. Thanks vov!

— Anonymous User for Picture Downloader

Best mouse auto clicker software I have come across so far. Thanks! I really like it.

— Sethmakavela for Auto Mouse Clicker

Great app. A good and simple app that does the routine work in a quiet and continuous way.

— Anonymous User Open external link for Bulk Domain Appraisal

Thank you so much for this wonderful App. My 10 tb drive went to sleep after every 2 mins. It was driving me crazy. I nearly threw it out of the window several times but this has finally solved that problem so thanks again and keep up the great work :)

— Anonymous User for Prevent Disk Sleep

Greetings from USA. Have found your tiny Sound Recorder to be quite remarkable. Since I think Windows 7 the Microsoft had removed the “stereo mix” function which allows to record from source other than the microphone. Only way around this is to download the cumbersome Audacity, and then monkey with its various settings. The tiny Vovsoft you just one click to start and stop, and the result is perfect.

— Paul and Jean for Sound Recorder

Works amazing well if you can get through the steps to link it to the IBM cloud service.

— Mrrly Open external link for Speech to Text Converter

Creating an account took a bit of a challenge, but it’s the best speech2text I’ve ever tried.

— Alexandre Open external link for Speech to Text Converter

The game is super, a little childish for me i’m 56

— Anonymous User for Match Pairs

Wow, it works really I need this kind of software… Thank you so much @BlueHacker I Love You…!!

— agaramja_garamja Open external link for Batch URL Downloader

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