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After a hard day at work, everyone wants to relax and play an exciting and interesting game. There is a solution! You will have fun forgetting about fatigue.

— Daria Open external link for Vov Block Crush

It is a simple text editor, which is your proposal, but with very interesting features, which makes it a great option. I am testing and I have approved everything. One thing that developers could think about this product: internationalize. Like other software, the editor could have versions in other languages. The translation, in general, is done by users. I recommend this editor.

— Nelson André Hofer de Carvalho Open external link for Text Edit Plus

This application is working awesome....just awesome....hats off to the developers...


— Anonymous User for M3U8 Downloader

Value for money tool to create a sitemap, check links, headings, meta descriptions to improve SEO.

SEO checker is a lightweight tool to check and improve the SEO for websites with a lot of links. Is totally value for money.

— Jitin S. Open external link for SEO Checker

As a complementary tool to others that I usually use to do seo analysis of my websites, it has been very useful to find aspects to improve, especially in the definition of h1 and h2 tags; and allowing complementing with other Google tools in its contextual menu also makes my job easier.

— Luis Enrique S. Open external link for SEO Checker

I enjoy the simplicity of it and I also like the COMPARE two files side by side. Very handy.

— David Roper Open external link for Text Edit Plus

Worth 10X if you ask me.

Why this tool is so cheap? It’s brilliant, simple and effective. I used Screpy (also Appsumo) but that missed some URLs. Highly recommended.

— creaktor Open external link for SEO Checker

Cool, thanks! Thank you! Thanks to the developer, able, always, success. Your developers did a great job. This app is over 5 stars. I’m very happy. use this powerful software of this site. Thanks again for your sincere cooperation. Have a good day.

— Mahdi Ameri Open external link for Voice Changer

Wonderful program. Get it!

— Morgan Pierce Open external link for Text Edit Plus

This is probably the easiest software application you can find in the market. The company believes in simplicity and has developed a no-nonsense software that does its job with the utmost perfection.

— Anastasiia Williams Open external link for VCF to CSV Converter

Simple, practical at a low price

Ok, it’s not a screaming frog. But it doesn’t have to be at this price.

SEO Checker is a cheap practical tool to quickly get a good overview of all titles, descriptions and headings of a website. Just crawled 775 single pages on a website... works for me and maybe the developers will extend the program in the future.

— htchr Open external link for SEO Checker

I have found Text Edit Plus to be a very useful program and have found uses that I didn’t know I needed. Thank you VOV developers for producing such a great variety of software.

— Robert Smith Open external link for Text Edit Plus

Perfect transaction. The utility worked great. Got my 158 contacts converted over to Outlook.

— Butch Bridges Open external link for VCF to CSV Converter

Love the program works well - Thank YOU

— Bernie McInerney Open external link for Image to PDF Converter

Prior to using the SEO Checker app, I used a bunch of free online services and generators. The app installed fast, does what I need, and streamlined my workflow. Great value!

— Charles Open external link for SEO Checker

Just wanted to say, I just tried Text edit Plus for the first time and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much and have a great day!!

— JP for Text Edit Plus

No problems what-so-ever, It did what it claimed.

— Hash M. for Vov System Uptime

Totally works, thanks a lot!

— Mahmoud Sayed for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

Good at the job, ten out of ten.

— Anonymous User for Read Mode

I like what i am seeing. I have been using Text Edit Plus for years.

— David R. for Text Edit Plus

Very useful program. Got it from Giveaway of the day. Thank you.

— Jim for Vov Sticky Notes

THIS APP IS AMAZING, i really like how it can lock files and the many options like reset your password or add files or drives 10/10.

— Mutaz M. for Hide Files

Really cool for laptops.

— Bernardo Fernández Chaín Open external link for Keyboard Lights

Your application was chosen to become one of six evaluated applications for our monthly White Paper.

— Metamorfosec for Hide Files

Thanks, do keep up the good work of finding cool functions to add to your product.

— Egil G. for Text Edit Plus

Great program
Program worked as expected. Accurate, easy to use. Fair price. No viruses.

— Anonymous User Open external link for VCF to CSV Converter

Great app for creating a sitemap

This is very handy app - for creating a sitemap, and enumerating all of the pages (e.g. if for some reason they are excluded from sitemap.xml).

Please continue adding features to the app!

— Business_Strategist_EugenSpivak.com Open external link for SEO Checker

Worked great, stable, simple, fast, FREE, love it..!!

— Bob for M3U8 Downloader

Great app. A good and simple app that does the routine work in a quiet and continuous way.

— Anonymous User Open external link for Bulk Domain Appraisal

I had to download 85,000 files from 85,000 different links. Your software were the best when it came to speed and stability. I had tried “Free Download Manager” before and it barely could handle the long list of URL without slowing down like a crawl.

— Anonymous User for Batch URL Downloader

It is a great filenamer program

— Anonymous User for Filename Lister

Brilliant concept, thank you.

— Mr Eastwood for Vov Alpha Blend

Thank you for this app. Your site is necessary...

— Jacques Prada Open external link for Text Statistics Analyzer

Excellent software. Love simplicity!

— Anonymous User for Desktop Diary


— Sunil M. for Read Mode

I like your software. It is very simple and straight forward.

— Richard for Desktop Diary

I use notes for my desktop/laptop regularly and these seemed perfect.

— Diane for Vov Sticky Notes

Nice. I like the ability to create a quick note for myself without going to a larger program. My go to is/was notepad++. I really feel that i will use this when a few lines are the only things needed.

— Romey for Vov Sticky Notes

Good software user friendly and great..

— Rafusoft Open external link for Sitemap Generator

I use several different seo tools which go into great depth for website seo but they all costs so much more then this tool while this tool offers some great functionality which i did not expect.
Well worth the money!

— Appie Open external link for SEO Checker

Great application one of the best ever

— Imran Open external link for VCF to XLS Converter

Nice little program!

I am sure there are others out there that do the same thing and maybe better, but this one is fine. One of the example podcasts urls didn’t work, but I checked out the others and some were of interest to me. Now, to find some podcast urls that I want to download quickly and use with this program.

Thank you for the opportunity to download and use this one.

— John Open external link for Podcast Downloader

I have 2 of the products, Domain Checker and Bulk Domain Appraiser and am very happy with both of these products. Major time saver and at a price anyone can afford.

— DropCardTemplate Open external link for Bulk Domain Appraisal

I love to listen to music on the computer until late. I have a huge music library and it plays randomly. Vov Music Player detects abnormally noisy songs and offers the option to automatically switch to another song. My neighbors in the building are really lucky! They should thank this program!

— Anonymous User for Vov Music Player

Easy to use worked well.

— Carolyn L Durant Open external link for VCF to CSV Converter

SEO Checker Does What It Says, Inexpensively.

SEO Checker is a simple to use, basic SEO checker. Does the job well. I use it as a final check for pages & posts, to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Well worth buying.

— Mr Forrest Open external link for SEO Checker

Hi Vovsoft. I use the Prime Counter version 2.1 and say wooooooooooooow. Great and cool software.

— Rudolf for Prime Number Counter

I like the program, I searched for porgrams that can download m3u8 in live but the only thing that those programs download was a mere part of the transmision.
Your programs do the work just fine.

— Anonymous User for M3U8 Downloader

Best serial port monitor app ever! Very easy to use!!! Thank you...

— Rohaan Handley for Serial Port Monitor

Nice tool and I’m using it to write this review. I like the way it looks (graphics/font based) and its POWER packed with features but its NOT a replacement of Notepad++ (what I was looking for) but its the perfect sidekick. I have them both on my bar next to each other. Have only used for about 10 mins and already miss Notepad++ multi-tabs because I keep multiple text scratchpads open at the same time.

BUT TEditPlus is JAM-PACKED with tons of features and I’ve been having too much fun with the image to ASCII picture converter and code syntax editor. So I think of this editor as more of a single-note tool when I need to use some of its features.

— BlackOpz User Open external link for Text Edit Plus

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