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Brilliant concept, thank you.

Mr Eastwood
for Vov Alpha Blend

Thank you for this app. Your site is necessary...

Jacques Prada Open external link
for Text Statistics Analyzer

Excellent software. Love simplicity!

Anonymous User
for Desktop Diary


Sunil M.
for Read Mode

I like your software. It is very simple and straight forward.

for Desktop Diary

I use notes for my desktop/laptop regularly and these seemed perfect.

for Vov Sticky Notes

Nice. I like the ability to create a quick note for myself without going to a larger program. My go to is/was notepad++. I really feel that i will use this when a few lines are the only things needed.

for Vov Sticky Notes

Exactly what I was looking for!

I bought a new USB3 HDD dock and it has a “wonderful” feature where it automatically sleeps the HDD after 10 minutes. This feature is not optional and many docks seems to be doing this these days.
Constantly braking and spinning up a hard drive is bad for them, so I needed a solution.

This wonderful little program is just the ticket.
I set it to write it’s little file every 8 minutes and the problem is solved!

Many thanks to the creator for this.

James Cree
for Prevent Disk Sleep

Great little program.

Robee Open external link
for Search Text In Files

Quick reply to questions and good product

Replied to my questions about a product quickly. The product itself was very good.

Jack Open external link
for Text to MP3 Converter

You can easily and quickly purchase Vovsoft software and start using it.
You can buy and pay simply and quickly.
You will receive the invoice and product code immediately by e-mail.

John Fowler Open external link
for Tree Notes

I finally found the notebook of my dreams! :) - Thank you!

Anonymous User
for Tree Notes

I like that it shows what combination of keys I make and that I can choose the size of the letters and the color.

Anonymous User
for Keystroke Visualizer

I tried several languages, and it’s understandable.
Not perfect, but still very good!!!

Brian Open external link
for Text to MP3 Converter

As someone with vision issues this will be a great addition to my life - particularly for items not professionally available. Thank you.

Pogo Open external link
for Text to MP3 Converter

Great software. So easy to install - no hoops and loops to jump through to get license. All 3 languages I need - English, German and Spanish sound great. Thanks for the awesome software as a gift :)

Sabrina Open external link
for Text to MP3 Converter

Superb. Never seen this much simple and fast navigating pdf reader.

Anonymous User
for PDF Reader

This is a steal for the price, and the best part is people think its cheaply made. It might look that way, but this the classic saying, “Don’t judge a Book by its Cover”! Best $9 you will spend.

Daniel blueeyiz Laferla Daniel “blueeyiz” Laferla Open external link
for SEO Checker

Thanks for the software which has saved me a great deal of time!

Anonymous User
for Delete Multiple Files

What an excellent program.

Andrew Open external link
for Filename Lister

I love VOV Software so much that I purchased a Universal Lifetime Key for all their software.

Robert Smith Open external link

Excellent. Great software at a great price. Appreciate the people who creates these utilities to help productivity.

Steven Open external link
for CSV Splitter

I found this very useful for a quick one time job. Thank you.

Anonymous User
for File Splitter And Joiner

Good! Keep it up

This company is extremely dynamic, its programs are small and agile, you can use the portable version or install them, but I suggest installing them as not they are large and do not log much data, their error reporting system is quick in response and also dynamic, I got to contact them for a little bug on a software, after 6 hours I got a response and after 36 hours I observed the release of a new version with bug fixed!
Given this sensitivity to listening to the customer, I feel compelled to communicate and/or collaborate in the correction of their programs and perhaps propose the addition of some useful option, software are many, small and larger utilities that can simplify the work, and at least the ones I’ve tried work well, the free ones don’t get bored with aggressive popups and is fully usable (with limitations where they are present), and to this I can add that customer support is just as fast, courteous, efficient, good! Keep it up.

Abele Open external link

I never found cheaper software on the market... less than $1 if you buy the whole stuff.
Simply smashing good!

Eric Open external link

Thank you for making this incredibly useful simple little cute app ❤️

Anonymous User
for Subtitle Renamer

The app is great for converting .vcf email contacts file to .cvs or Excel. Works better than I expected.

Jwelte Open external link
for VCF to CSV Converter

Best hjsplit alternative

Anonymous User
for File Splitter And Joiner

Excellent software.

Daniel Bonner Open external link
for RegEx Extractor

A simple honest program that delivers.

Leanne Coleman Open external link
for CSV to VCF Converter

the software worked wonderfully ...my 24 year old web sight was hacked causing 10’s of thousands of pages to be compromised i was in trouble !!! Yet after i was in abled (by God) to write the code that eliminated the hackers code and replace it with a worthy code i used your software to find and replace !!! I was astounded for software found and replaced 100,s of thousands of script very very quickly and very very accurately. i could not ask for a better program !!!

Theron Open external link
for Find And Replace Multiple Files

Very useful for my work. It allows me to save time on tasks.

C. Simoes Open external link
for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

The application works as advertised and is offered at a great price. The transaction was seamless.

E. DeJoliet Open external link
for SEO Checker

Great product. Easy to use.

Nathan Open external link
for SEO Checker

Excellent software that does what is advertised, one of the strengths of which, and not the least in my eyes, is its small size.

Anonymous User
for Create Image Gallery

Works great with a desktop PC Windows 11 Pro and the scanner in Brother printer. Fast conversion of a glossy magazine text into a text file...

beergas Open external link
for OCR Reader

Excellent overall
Ordering process was straightforward and license key received immediately after purchase. Good software at a very reasonable price.

swirlingair Open external link
for Log Analyzer

My assessment
Text edit plus has been a pleasant surprise, and I am using it on a daily basis.

Manuel Miguel Open external link
for Text Edit Plus

Did precisely what it said it would do
Did a great job. Very simple to use.

Richard Open external link
for VCF to CSV Converter

Long needed app. Very smooth installation, without any registration hassle. Thumb-up for that! Hope it performs as good.

Abraham Open external link
for Search Text In Files

Used SEO Checker on a lot of Websites and keeps me surprised as to what it detects that may have been overlooked while developing a website.
Excelent value for money, does as good a job as more expencive alternative seo checkers.

Roger H. Open external link
for SEO Checker

Just wanted to thank you for making Subtitle Renamer. I was able to rename hundreds of subtitles quickly and fix my movie collection. Thank you!

for Subtitle Renamer

The first thing I noticed: how intuitive the software is. I was really happy about this because I am not a technical person. I’m also not an expert on SEO. The second thing I noticed was that I didn’t need to be an expert! It does exactly what it is described as doing and it is easy to figure out what it is telling you to do and how to do it.

Robynne Davis Open external link
for SEO Checker

Does what it says. Easy to use. Be aware that there are some windows that may not show up in the Resizer. I have a music production app that creates large popup windows that do not show in the resizer. The main app window shows up fine. Not a problem, but something to be aware of depending on your needs.

Dann Open external link
for Window Resizer

I am very happy with the SEO-Checker. It is easy to use and is an additional tool which seriously works. It is also portable.
My 5 tacos

brigitte77 Open external link
for SEO Checker

No viruses in software
Software works as advertised.

Anonymous User Open external link
for Window Resizer

Very Helpful
They told me all that I needed to do to convert my file!

Andy Schneider Open external link
for VCF to TXT Converter

Very usefull for me. Only wish if you can make Serbian voice.

Dejan Grsic Open external link
for Text to MP3 Converter

5 stars
Nice simple to use program that does exactly what it claims. Downloaded and installed fine on Win10HomeX64. I typed a sentence in the text box, clicked “read” and it did. Copied and pasted a paragraph in and it read that without any issues. Lots of choices to modify the reading voice also. I have not used the other features but trust that they will work just as well. Many thanks to the Vovsoft and SOS teams for this!

jman Open external link
for Text to MP3 Converter

Feels Right
I just counted. I have 17 text editors on my system. My favorites among them are Text Edit Plus (I’ve just purchased the paid version) and Sublime. Both are excellent. The one I reach for on a daily basis is Text Edit Plus. I would compare it to a woodworking tool - you reach for the one that feels right in your hand.

Papa Open external link
for Text Edit Plus

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