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I was looking for a photo downloader just like this. Thanks...

— Anonymous User for Picture Downloader

Looking for images on the Internet doesn’t take too much effort and downloading photos usually just takes a few clicks. However, if you want to grab images in batch, that’s a whole other story. Vov Picture Downloader aims to solve this issue and help you find interesting images on the Internet.

— Mihaela Teodorovici Open external link for Picture Downloader

There are multiple other platforms that offer such information and it is just a matter of querying them for each of the websites you are interested in. However, when you have multiple websites to check, or, better still, multiple lists with websites, checking each individually, can become a real troublesome task. Addressing such issues, “Bulk Domain Appraisal” will allow you to perform such check-ups from within a single, centralized platform, which supports multiple websites simultaneously.

— Andrei Verdeanu Open external link for Bulk Domain Appraisal

I prefer to copy and paste long readings rather than be exposed to fancy fonts and colors. This is the best readmode app I’ve ever used.

— Anonymous User for Read Mode

I like it! Simple and wonderful program, thank you.

— Anonymous User for Blur Multiple Images

EXCELLENT! Program worked GREAT for me, Thanks.

— Anonymous User for Find And Replace Multiple Files

A great program. Just what I needed to transfer email contacts from “old” desktop Windows Live Mail to Mailbird on new laptop. Just finished importing the file and everything seems to be there and working well. THANK YOU.

— Anonymous User for VCF to XLS Converter

External hard drive going to sleep and causing audio dropouts, after leaving system idle. Computerized audio synthesis stores data in ram, once that is no longer sufficient, it seeks out more data out on a designated data drive and needs the data instantly. If the drive is sleeping, there is an audio dropout. Just hitting the start button in this app solves the problem. It wakes up the drive and you’re ready to play! The user can then just close the app, or stop the app, so the music apps have all the system resources. Thank You!

— Anonymous User for Prevent Disk Sleep

Once the website is crawled, you get all the information in a single screen. It’s easy to get information about each web page. It works like Screaming Frog.

— Seymour for SEO Checker

Hello. Your software is being very useful in a research that I am developing using internet pages as sources.

— Anonymous User for Print Multiple Web Pages

Hi, your program is very good, thank you.

— Anonymous User for Photos to Video

Thanks for this Prevent Disk Sleep! I had been running a scheduled backup program to a secondary HDD on my PC. This backup program couldn’t write to the HDD because it would be asleep at the required time and would cause serious problems with my PC as a result. Sometimes the backup would simply fail and other times, more seriously, the OS would freeze up and was unable to shut down or reboot. The only way to get it operating again was to boot from an emergency disc and reinstall the OS from the backup. Extremely irritating and time consuming to say the least. Since using Prevent Disk Sleep I have not experienced any more of the mentioned problems and no problems at all with the program itself, which runs continuously in the background 24/7. Thanks again, my friends.

— Anonymous User for Prevent Disk Sleep

Simple its work as portable app, just copy subtitleren.exe to USB or other hard disk and run perfect. I love it, thank to you.

— Aloanaspiky for Subtitle Renamer

I had to download 85,000 files from 85,000 different links. Your software were the best when it came to speed and stability. I had tried “Free Download Manager” before and it barely could handle the long list of URL without slowing down like a crawl.

— Anonymous User for Batch URL Downloader

Seems to work great with my personal GPS timing source.

— Anonymous User for Time Sync

It is extremely helpful. THANKS FOR CREATING SUCH A TOOL! :)

— Anonymous User for Filename Lister

Thank you very much! Wonderful offer for a very useful product!

— Michalis Open external link for Vov Screen Recorder

Batch URL Downloader is one of the simplest applications of its kind, so it can prove to be a good alternative to overly-complex download managers.

— Catalin Chelariu Open external link for Batch URL Downloader

I like it! Thanks a lot for this program.

— Anonymous User for VCF to TXT Converter

Very useful software. THANK YOU.
Logiciel très utile. MERCI.

— Ali Open external link for Keep Software Alive

Excelente programa

— Leandro Bardellin Open external link for Print Multiple Web Pages

I like it! Very useful tool...

— Jmj for Open Multiple Files

I really liked the program, fast & easy. I am a guy who does technical support onsite and the program can be very useful for bookstores, hardware stores, kiosks, mini markets, even veterinarians.

— Anonymous User for Retail Barcode

Retail Barcode is an effective sales tracking application that can be praised for its simplicity and ease of use.

— Mircea Saveanu Open external link for Retail Barcode

I think it is a great program to examine a website and download individual strings, or URL’s I probably would not have seen otherwise.

— Anonymous User for Collect URL

Most image editors enable you to apply various types of blurring effects to images, but the process isn’t always as straightforward as many users would like, and editing multiple files can take a lot of time. Blur Multiple Images is a very simple application that seeks to offer a more accessible solution. It allows you to apply a blurring effect in just a couple of easy steps.

— Catalin Chelariu Open external link for Blur Multiple Images

The application’s interface is minimalist and it provides just three main features that will allow users to first select their preferred vCards from VCF files, select the text formatting to either ANSI or UTF-8 and finally the output format and location.

— Andrei Verdeanu Open external link for VCF to XLS Converter

Linguistic habits do characterize each and every one of us, and while in conversations this is a little harder to spot, written text is irrefutable proof of this tendency. Text Statistics Analyzer is a program that offers to take a look at precisely these characteristics of the written speech, without being a tool addressing strictly professionals.

— Anca Roman Open external link for Text Statistics Analyzer

If you’re looking for a simple and efficient method of turning images into PDF documents, you can try Image to PDF. It’s a lightweight, fast and easy-to-use application capable of not only converting photos to PDFs, but also of merging multiple images into a single PDF file.

— Elena Opris Open external link for Image to PDF

All aspects considered, Rename Multiple Files offers a simple solution for helping you change the name of multiple files in batch mode.

— Elena Opris Open external link for Rename Multiple Files

It is capable of exporting vCard files and save them to CSV format, where you can see all the contacts in a structured manner and organize them as you please. Once you have your address book in a CSV table, it will be easier to share contact information with others.

— Mihaela Teodorovici Open external link for VCF to CSV Converter

SEO Checker is a website analyzer that helps you audit your links, onsite data, and your overall traffic metrics. This way you’ll see what’s working and what needs to be improved upon, distinguish internal and external links, and review the META descriptions or the heading tags.

— Ciprian Mircea Open external link for SEO Checker

Hi guys from Vovsoft, checked “Text Edit Plus” and just wanted to tell you that this is a real great software, maybe the best text editor ever: small, quick and easy to use.

— Dr. Klaus Zimmermann for Text Edit Plus

I enjoy your software.

— Bill for Auto Change Screensavers

I like it! Very cool program, everything works well. Thanks to the developers for their work.

— Eshtrey for Hide Files

Your mp3 player it have nice sound.

— Anonymous User for Vov Music Player

Downloaded Vovsoft VCF to XLS Converter. It did the job with just a few clicks. Best vcf2excel tool ever tried.

— Seymour for VCF to XLS Converter

Dealing with contacts in an Outlook address book can sometimes be a bit cumbersome. This is one of the reason why many users prefer to make the changes and tweaks into a CSV format file, from within Excel. However, once the adjustments have been performed, a way to convert that CSV file to the Outlook-compatible, VCF (vCard) format is required. CSV to VCF Converter will provide such functionality.

— Andrei Verdeanu Open external link for CSV to VCF Converter

Fun game. Good way to pass time.

— TastedWasted Open external link for Vov Block Crush

This lightweight application can come in handy when you are trying to generate slideshows out of a bunch of images.

— Mihaela Teodorovici Open external link for Photos to Video

It saved my life! I am a video editor and a lot of time the sleeping disk was killing my time by freezing the whole program. Now nothing happens and i am very grateful! HDD is always ready to do the work i want! Thank you.

— C. P. for Prevent Disk Sleep

The application’s main advantages are the ease of use and the high conversion speed.

— Mihaela Teodorovici Open external link for Vov Video Converter

Just discovered your software and think it’s great so far.

— Anonymous User for Vov Podcast Downloader

I like this program and how easy it is to use.

— Anonymous User for Text to Image Converter

Very nice software

— Mark for Open Multiple Files

Very cute and simple (good) program

— Anonymous User for Vov Podcast Downloader

Thanks! Great and necessary thing. Especially when you have Windows 10.

— Fominator for Prevent Disk Sleep

I like it! At first sight it seems simple but it is really efficient.

— Anonymous User for Vov EXE Joiner

All in all, Vov Email Extractor is a user-friendly app you can use if you want to collect email addresses.

— Anca Roman Open external link for Vov Email Extractor

Full of useful functions that can sometimes be very helpful in text manipulations. Nice little program. I’ll keep it.

— Roland Open external link for Text Edit Plus

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