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Very cute and simple (good) program

— Anonymous User for Vov Podcast Downloader

Thanks! Great and necessary thing. Especially when you have Windows 10.

— Fominator for Prevent Disk Sleep

It is a great filenamer program

— Anonymous User for Filename Lister

I like it! At first sight it seems simple but it is really efficient.

— Anonymous User for Vov EXE Joiner

All in all, Vov Email Extractor is a user-friendly app you can use if you want to collect email addresses.

— Anca Roman Open external link for Vov Email Extractor

Full of useful functions that can sometimes be very helpful in text manipulations. Nice little program. I’ll keep it.

— Roland Open external link for Text Edit Plus

I have installed Hide Files on my PC (Windows 10 Pro). It is very useful to hide any Files or Folders that i want. Thank you so much.

— Jakkrit Open external link for Hide Files

I like it! This is an excellent little application, very functional.

— Kyriacos for Vov System Uptime

I like it! It is very helpful to take care of my health!!!

— Anonymous User for Health Break

It does what it describes and does it very well.

— Danre for Vov Alpha Blend

Brilliant concept, thank you.

— Mr Eastwood for Vov Alpha Blend

Anyone interested in releasing new websites will benefit from this utility, as it allows one to check for domain availability. The ability to batch process multiple entries makes it a worthwhile tool, more-so when several options are being considered for the future site. The application features an efficiency-geared GUI that allows one to quickly generate simple or advanced scans.

— Mircea Saveanu Open external link for Domain Checker

I love the program because it allows me to keep my thoughts and activities in one place and searchable above that!

— Tim for Daily Journal

I was looking for such a solution, good program.

— Rafal Open external link for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

I already have purchased this, few weeks back. And its a good choice to make a purchase and use the future upgrades as well. Great software.

— Xyzsurfmetal Open external link for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

Thank you for this app. Your site is necessary...

— Jacques Prada Open external link for Text Statistics Analyzer

This software has some special functions that other text software does not have. I find it very useful, thank you.

— Wang Mingdian for Text Edit Plus

No problems what-so-ever, It did what it claimed.

— Hash M. for Vov System Uptime

Very handy program compared to others. This program is simple, flexible. It’s easy to work with. THANK YOU

— V. Antropov for Hide Files

So nice.

— Chanchal Shah for Webcam Capture

Muy buen soft los felicito y muchas gracias!!!
Very good software congratulations and thank you very much!!!

— Jorge Arevalo Open external link for Vov Screen Recorder

It does have the ability to calculate folder size which is missing from Explorer.

— John Open external link for Filename Lister

Useful for those with websites that want to check for errors in links.

— PhilS Open external link for Broken Link Detector

Great program. Blessings and thanks.

— John Dove for Broken Link Detector

Very, very simple!

— Anonymous User for Filename Lister

Excellent software. Love simplicity!

— Anonymous User for Daily Journal

Very nice app.

— Khalid for Vov System Uptime

I like the option to change the style in this program. The Dark style proved to be best for my eyes.

— Consuella Open external link for Read Mode

It worked (no virus soo far)

— Oliver Sørensen for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

Totally works, thanks a lot!

— Mahmoud Sayed for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

Good at the job, ten out of ten.

— Anonymous User for Read Mode


— Sunil M. for Read Mode

It is a nice editor and I like it very much. Very clean interface with very nice features.

— Anonymous User for Text Edit Plus

Worked great...

— Anonymous User for Burn Studio

I like your Daily Journal Software. It is very simple and straight forward.

— Richard for Daily Journal

Hi, this program is good. Thanks a lot.

— Anonymous User for VCF to CSV Converter

Thx for your good program...

— Anonymous User for Keyboard Lights

Very good program.

— Pascal M. for Digital Notes

LOVE your system uptime.

— Bob L. for Vov System Uptime

I use notes for my desktop/laptop regularly and these seemed perfect.

— Diane for Vov Sticky Notes

It’s a nice utility.

— Peter E. for Password Generator

I liked the program

— Eduardo for Filename Lister

Very cool app :)

— Anonymous User for Keyboard Lights

A file was full of nuisance footnotes, surely several hundred. Then...I noticed the Text Edit Plus had an option to delete characters 0-9. Excellent!

— Anonymous User for Text Edit Plus

Satisfied. Getting latest version.

— Sudipto B. for Webcam Capture

Seems to function well. Will watch.

— Tom T. for Time Sync

Thank you very much! The program is undoubtedly good.

— Anonymous User for Text Edit Plus

Nice soft, Thank you.

— Dana Giurca Open external link for Health Break

I like what i am seeing. I have been using Text Edit Plus for years.

— David R. for Text Edit Plus

Very good thanks for free.

— Anonymous User for Vov Screen Recorder

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