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A file was full of nuisance footnotes, surely several hundred. Then...I noticed the Text Edit Plus had an option to delete characters 0-9. Excellent!

— Anonymous User for Text Edit Plus

Satisfied. Getting latest version.

— Sudipto B. for Webcam Capture

Seems to function well. Will watch.

— Tom T. for Time Sync

Thank you very much! The program is undoubtedly good.

— Anonymous User for Text Edit Plus

Nice soft, Thank you.

— Dana Giurca Open external link for Health Break

I like what i am seeing. I have been using Text Edit Plus for years.

— David R. for Text Edit Plus

Very good thanks for free.

— Anonymous User for Vov Screen Recorder


— Anonymous User for Prime Number Counter

Very useful program. Got it from Giveaway of the day. Thank you.

— Jim for Vov Sticky Notes

I just installed it, and it takes 3.5 megs of ram. Also, the minute you close it, it releases that ram. I consider that to be ok, and I’ll use it, as I found problems with NoSleepHD that I’ve used for years, while trying to use it with Windows 10.

— Sophie Open external link for Prevent Disk Sleep

On the whole I like. Many things, including layout of menu and toolbar. I like ability to use RTL languages as in Notepad.

— Anonymous User for Text Edit Plus

Great little app...

— Anonymous User for Vov Sticky Notes

Many thanks for a great and very useful givaway.

— Pete N. for Vov Sticky Notes

I love this application. The only suggestion I have is could you please add dividers between the months on the calendar.

— Anonymous User for Daily Journal

Quite nice and useful software. Happy to buy in the near future.

— Anonymous User for Vov Sticky Notes

THIS APP IS AMAZING, i really like how it can lock files and the many options like reset your password or add files or drives 10/10.

— Mutaz M. for Hide Files

Hi. Just started using your program VovSoft and it does everything I want so far. Simple and easy. Thanks for the work. Have purchased this program joyfully!

— Ian R. for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

As it stands as an app, it does what it says on the lable! It’s quick, simple and not over featured. I like it. A couple of tweaks and it will be perfect.

— Pyder for Vov Sticky Notes

Nice. I like the ability to create a quick note for myself without going to a larger program. My go to is/was notepad++. I really feel that i will use this when a few lines are the only things needed.

— Romey for Vov Sticky Notes

I like these notes a lot.

— Dave M. for Vov Sticky Notes

I like it - works fine on Windows 10, 64 bits. Better than Windows version, as it goes down on the task bar.

— Aza Open external link for Vov Sticky Notes

Been looking for a reminder software, found nothing satisfactory. This looks perfect thanks Vov.

— Txtim Open external link for Vov Sticky Notes

Excellent, thank you Vov and GAOTD.

— Laxative Open external link for Vov Sticky Notes

The biggest advantage of Vov Sticky Notes over the Windows Sticky Notes is that you can add reminders to these notes. I like that feature and will be using them, mostly for that.

— Dollinha Open external link for Vov Sticky Notes

Seems to be a very nice programme, very useful, neat, allows settings (font, colours, background) also allows me to use RTL language with diacriticals which to me is very useful. I like it very much. Thank you.

— Anonymous User for Vov Sticky Notes

Really cool for laptops.

— Bernardo Fernández Chaín Open external link for Keyboard Lights

Good software, but need more options.

— Biohazard Open external link for Vov Screen Recorder

It is very simple and it is nice software because it does not display advertisements.

— Anonymous User for Password Generator

It has great functionality.

— Anonymous User for Time Sync

Worth downloading.

— Anonymous User for Keyboard Lights

I like it because it helps your child to think very fast.

— Anonymous User for Math Practice

I think the interface could be improved a bit, but otherwise good.

— Anonymous User for Daily Journal

I have really enjoyed working with this, I thoroughly recommend it.

— Anonymous User for Vov Sticky Notes

Your application was chosen to become one of six evaluated applications for our monthly White Paper.

— Metamorfosec for Hide Files

I downloaded this and ended up buying it.

— Anonymous User for Vov Email Extractor

I don’t often try out new software, but I really liked this one.

— Anonymous User for Health Break

Thanks, do keep up the good work of finding cool functions to add to your product.

— Egil G. for Text Edit Plus

This is actually very good.

— Anonymous User for Image to PDF

This is very clever and entertaining. Thank you for the opportunity to try it. The price is right.

— Thomas M. for Text Edit Plus

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