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Impressive results. From the three samples provided, the original image quality is not super high but the program was still able to figure out the characters for all but a very few.

Gary Open external link
for OCR Reader

The program is very helpful in some situations. Simple and effective to use. Thank you for sharing.

DarkoS Open external link
for OCR Reader

Software that makes a cumbersome job easier

I sometimes need to move some new files into a bunch of different folders. This means dragging and dropping into each folder, which can be tedious. Copy Files Into Folders made this job easier and done much faster, plus the price was reasonable. Was a great Purchase.

Anonymous User Open external link
for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

The purchase of the software was easy and fairly priced. When I contacted support the reply was fast, clear, and answered my question.

BJM Open external link
for Merge Multiple Folders

CSV file conversion
Simple software installation and functionality with perfect results.

JS Gelfand LLC Open external link
for VCF to CSV Converter

Very happy with the software. Easy to use and spend hours with it.

Keith Sherrell Open external link
for Domain Checker

Free trial lets you demo the product before buying. Ordering process was straightforward and received license key shortly after purchase. Good software at a very reasonable price.

Dave R. Open external link
for Text Edit Plus

It is really good to strike effective, lightweight, Software that does a full size job.

Tony LarrikinAussie Sargeant Open external link
for Broken Link Detector

An affordable, almost replacement for Screaming Frog. I’ve always used Screaming Frog but with the freemium limitations. Now I can analyze hundreds or thousands of URLs.

Anonymous User Open external link
for SEO Checker

It’s easy to use, features are completely here !

Valentin C. Open external link
for SEO Checker

Sticky Notes Software
Software works well and appears to be problem free.

Courtland Open external link
for Vov Sticky Notes

I found it in google and i think its one of the best SEO software out there, simple, reliable and accurated.

Leandro C. Open external link
for SEO Checker

I was able to successfully run the installation executable and activate the product.
I then used it to convert the vcf files and I am very satisfied with the results.
Thank you for creating it.

for VCF to TXT Converter

Well, this is an unexpectedly versatile program. The copy functionality is quite robust and the URL download functionality is definitely a bonus.

Kyle Open external link
for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

Overall this is an excellent application suited for the purpose.

Shaik Muhammed Salahuddin Open external link
for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

I tried the application Batch Image Resizer.
I am glad because this software product is reliable and is doing the perfect job it was created for.

for Batch Image Resizer

Software works perfectly

IBM cloud is a different story but at the end it worked as well

Trinity Open external link
for Speech to Text Converter

I’ve tried different keystrokes app, this one is the best for me. I’m teaching online and need to show keystrokes to demonstrate to students how fast your workflow will be if you use a program WITH shortcuts.

Anonymous User
for Keystroke Visualizer

Usually, I use it for my day-to-day work, be it for notes or codes or any documentation. In short, I use it for the majority of my work routine. It’s a handy tool for me.

Mashmuma Q. Open external link
for Text Edit Plus

I have Open Multiple Files set up to open about 6 urls and a couple of office programs, works great!
One click to open the UI and another to open the files.
I like how each one is highlighted as it goes down the list, then auto closes the UI in 10 seconds.

Anonymous User
for Open Multiple Files

I lost my permission to set time from the internet using the windows clock method and couldn’t figure out how to get it back and this is the first thing I found that could have made that happen.

Anonymous User
for Time Sync

Excellent coding quality

They are a solid company, it looks like they know the path to success is to create solid software

Joaquin Roberto Open external link
for SEO Checker

Works as expected - does one thing very fast and efficiently.

Joe B Open external link
for Compare Two Lists

Thanks for the great program!

MFM Open external link
for Video to Photos

It really is amazing how easy the software works. The developers didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. It is functional and fast. Tnx, VIDEO TO PHOTOS developers.

Andreishareware Open external link
for Video to Photos

Yeah it’s great product, so fast and great

Anonymous User Open external link
for Domain Checker

Very quick and easy to use.

Jan Lunn Open external link
for CSV to SQL Converter

I like it!
Like that it can be set as always on top so I can actively see the status of my keyboard.

Anonymous User
for Keyboard Lights

The Bearfect program for organizing files, especially emails, for uploading to my File Manager in the Cloud. Instant organization without doing the heavy lifting! I love it!

Master Bear Open external link
for Filename Lister

This Tool is Totally Amazing

I usually get to use SEO Checker for my projects and my personal website, It’s quite useful.

Kunwer A. Open external link
for SEO Checker

I think that is a very good software. It allows to have a windows interface to run the ibm Watson speech to text. Because without this good software, I could not use the ibm speech to text because I don’t understand a interface api with of lines of command to enter to run the function. Thank you!

Anonymous User Open external link
for Speech to Text Converter

Very useful software, thanks!

kixxu Open external link
for Rename Multiple Files

It’s all good

Everything went smoothly. No problem purchasing or registering the software.

Alan Open external link
for Auto Change Screensavers

Very useful app an the price was fantastic.

Themis Open external link
for SEO Checker

Good experience

Carlos Belchior Open external link
for VCF to XLS Converter

So easy to use. Thanks

Anonymous User
for Speech to Text Converter

It’s a really handy tool and isn’t trying to do too much! Excellent

Anonymous User
for RAM Benchmark

Super useful during the crypto-crash!

for Cryptocurrency Tracker

Needed this program to work out if my keyboard was faulty (it was). Now I’ve replaced my keyboard and no random button presses are happening. It worked perfectly for what I needed it for. Thanks for helping me work out that my keyboard was faulty :-)

Anonymous User
for Keystroke Visualizer

Beautiful software

Prof. A. Balasubramanian Open external link
for Batch URL Downloader

Nice simple program, very quick and easy to use.

Anonymous User
for Filename Lister

Hi Team,
I got this software and using it. It is an awesome software to keep our important privacy details. User friendly. Thanking you for the creator.

Raj Open external link
for Hide Files

A very good software, thanks

Anonymous User
for Bulk QR Code Generator

Great and cool..

Anonymous User
for Bulk QR Code Generator

I like it! Cool program, useful.

Anonymous User
for Dummy File Generator

Good software user friendly and great..

Rafusoft Open external link
for Sitemap Generator

I use several different seo tools which go into great depth for website seo but they all costs so much more then this tool while this tool offers some great functionality which i did not expect.
Well worth the money!

Appie Open external link
for SEO Checker

Great application one of the best ever

Imran Open external link
for VCF to XLS Converter

Nice little program!

I am sure there are others out there that do the same thing and maybe better, but this one is fine. One of the example podcasts urls didn’t work, but I checked out the others and some were of interest to me. Now, to find some podcast urls that I want to download quickly and use with this program.

Thank you for the opportunity to download and use this one.

John Open external link
for Podcast Downloader

I love to listen to music on the computer until late. I have a huge music library and it plays randomly. Vov Music Player detects abnormally noisy songs and offers the option to automatically switch to another song. My neighbors in the building are really lucky! They should thank this program!

Anonymous User
for Vov Music Player

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