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I think that is a very good software. It allows to have a windows interface to run the ibm Watson speech to text. Because without this good software, I could not use the ibm speech to text because I don’t understand a interface api with of lines of command to enter to run the function. Thank you!

Anonymous User Open external link
for Speech to Text Converter

Very useful software, thanks!

kixxu Open external link
for Rename Multiple Files

It’s all good

Everything went smoothly. No problem purchasing or registering the software.

Alan Open external link
for Auto Change Screensavers

Very useful app an the price was fantastic.

Themis Open external link
for SEO Checker

Good experience

Carlos Belchior Open external link
for VCF to XLS Converter

So easy to use. Thanks

Anonymous User
for Speech to Text Converter

It’s a really handy tool and isn’t trying to do too much! Excellent

Anonymous User
for RAM Benchmark

Super useful during the crypto-crash!

for Cryptocurrency Tracker

Needed this program to work out if my keyboard was faulty (it was). Now I’ve replaced my keyboard and no random button presses are happening. It worked perfectly for what I needed it for. Thanks for helping me work out that my keyboard was faulty :-)

Anonymous User
for Keystroke Visualizer

Beautiful software

Prof. A. Balasubramanian Open external link
for Batch URL Downloader

Nice simple program, very quick and easy to use.

Anonymous User
for Filename Lister

Hi Team,
I got this software and using it. It is an awesome software to keep our important privacy details. User friendly. Thanking you for the creator.

Raj Open external link
for Hide Files

A very good software, thanks

Anonymous User
for Bulk QR Code Generator

Great and cool..

Anonymous User
for Bulk QR Code Generator

I like it! Cool program, useful.

Anonymous User
for Dummy File Generator

Good software user friendly and great..

Rafusoft Open external link
for Sitemap Generator

I use several different seo tools which go into great depth for website seo but they all costs so much more then this tool while this tool offers some great functionality which i did not expect.
Well worth the money!

Appie Open external link
for SEO Checker

Great application one of the best ever

Imran Open external link
for VCF to XLS Converter

Nice little program!

I am sure there are others out there that do the same thing and maybe better, but this one is fine. One of the example podcasts urls didn’t work, but I checked out the others and some were of interest to me. Now, to find some podcast urls that I want to download quickly and use with this program.

Thank you for the opportunity to download and use this one.

John Open external link
for Podcast Downloader

I love to listen to music on the computer until late. I have a huge music library and it plays randomly. Vov Music Player detects abnormally noisy songs and offers the option to automatically switch to another song. My neighbors in the building are really lucky! They should thank this program!

Anonymous User
for Vov Music Player

Easy to use worked well.

Carolyn L Durant Open external link
for VCF to CSV Converter

SEO Checker Does What It Says, Inexpensively.

SEO Checker is a simple to use, basic SEO checker. Does the job well. I use it as a final check for pages & posts, to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Well worth buying.

Mr Forrest Open external link
for SEO Checker

Hi Vovsoft. I use the Prime Counter version 2.1 and say wooooooooooooow. Great and cool software.

for Prime Number Counter

I like the program, I searched for programs that can download m3u8 in live but the only thing that those programs download was a mere part of the transmission.
Your programs do the work just fine.

Anonymous User
for M3U8 Downloader

Best serial port monitor app ever! Very easy to use!!! Thank you...

Rohaan Handley
for Serial Port Monitor

Nice tool and I’m using it to write this review. I like the way it looks (graphics/font based) and its POWER packed with features but its NOT a replacement of Notepad++ (what I was looking for) but its the perfect sidekick. I have them both on my bar next to each other. Have only used for about 10 mins and already miss Notepad++ multi-tabs because I keep multiple text scratchpads open at the same time.

BUT TEditPlus is JAM-PACKED with tons of features and I’ve been having too much fun with the image to ASCII picture converter and code syntax editor. So I think of this editor as more of a single-note tool when I need to use some of its features.

BlackOpz User Open external link
for Text Edit Plus

Finally a cleaner I can recommend. They should make antivirus software too. It would let malware through but throw false positives and update 3 times a day to give you a false sense of security - like real AV but without wasting system resources.

Gownaar Open external link
for Placebo Cleaner

We have to admit, there was no way we were going to add this to MajorGeeks, but two things happened. The first was it was April’s Fools Day. The second was a computer brought to me just days ago with a broken Microsoft Office. They tried to delete files to make space when the real issue was that a larger hard drive was needed. The files they deleted fixed nothing and broke Microsoft Office. Had they used Placebo Cleaner, they could have saved me a few hours of my time.

MajorGeeks Open external link
for Placebo Cleaner

The software is good, I can see my RAM capacity going up even though for a bit of seconds. So... I know my RAM really works. Thank you.

Anonymous User
for RAM Benchmark

CSV to SQL CONVERTER is very compact and works great. The only thing I miss is to be able to save a structure / column definition as a template in order to be able to reuse it. Good Job!

Rainer Bauer Open external link
for CSV to SQL Converter

Pretty flawless experience!!!

Anonymous User Open external link
for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

I realize it’s basically blasphemy to recommend shareware in an ocean of free text editors, but I finally found a text editor that’s actually geared towards manipulating text rather than programming.

It’s Vovsoft Text Edit Plus

It’s especially easy to manipulate lists in all sorts of ways. For instance I used to rely on a saved webpage (javascript) to convert a column of items into a row of items separated by commas, but now I have a text editor that can do that in two clicks.

There are loads of other nifty conveniences that I’m discovering as I go. The function to convert images into text is also quite fun!

beemeup5 Open external link
for Text Edit Plus

Simple and straight to the point program. Thanks!

Smats Open external link
for Batch Image Resizer

It works just fine. Thanks.

Li Open external link
for Batch Image Resizer

Easy download and install. No hoops to jump. And the program is lite and seems to work as advertised. A time saver!

Mark S Open external link
for Domain Checker

Many thanks for this program that works properly! I tried to upload a CSV file with more than 40000 records but the server froze. I solved the problem by splitting it into pieces of 5000 lines.

Anonymous User
for CSV Splitter

I use this program before transferring pictures from my phone to my external drive. Files get smaller without loss of quality.

Anonymous User
for Batch Image Resizer

I recommend this program, which is very useful.

William W. Geertsema Open external link
for Vov Sticky Notes

It works as advertised. Quick and accurate.

Roland Open external link
for VCF to CSV Converter

A great tool to help with purchasing of valuable domains. A+

Anonymous User Open external link
for Domain Checker

I tested hundreds of domain names with this domain tester. It is fast and deserves its money.

Anonymous User
for Domain Checker

Thanks. I think this may be very useful for me as I am so disorganized with my files all over the place.

Dot Open external link
for Filename Lister

The application is simple and easy to use. But no feature to save my project, so every time I reopen my srt file, it back to square one. There’s workaround for this, but it’s quite a hassle on its own. Hopefully the next update will add feature to save projects.

Anonymous User Open external link
for Subtitle Translator

I purchased Text Edit Plus because I owed it to Vovsoft as I have used a free copy for one or two years. Text Edit Plus is entirely satisfactory. The purchasing & installation process was quick and easy.

Mark Richardson Open external link
for Text Edit Plus

I like it! Very useful software for play game that need mouse click.

Anonymous User
for Auto Mouse Clicker

Does exactly what it is supposed to for less than the competition. Win-win for me

Anonymous User Open external link
for Hide Files

Excellent piece of software, thanks so much.

Robert Halford
for PDF Reader

Worth it 100%

Prabin Dhital Open external link
for Copy Files Into Multiple Folders

Amazing software, thank you so much!

OKr Open external link
for Directory Monitor

simple, easy to use. does what it says on the tin.

Anonymous User Open external link
for Download Mailbox Emails

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