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SEO Checker Feature Requests

Here are the features requested by users.

πŸ‘‰ We will try to implement the features with the most votes first.
πŸ‘‰ A valid license key must be entered for voting!
πŸ‘‰ Each license key can be used for a maximum of 1 vote per feature!
πŸ‘‰ A universal license key can be used to vote for all programs, even the freeware tools!

SEO Checker Icon SEO Checker Windows

"Meta Tags" tab

Ability to crawl password protected websites (yes I have the password)

Ability to crawl specific pages

Ability to export CSV with the following data:
- Title
- Title Length
- META Description
- META Description Length

Application should check "duplicate pages"

Display "schema"

Display "source URL" for image files

Display "target" and "rel" values

Downloading and analyzing should use different threads

Sortable columns

Ability to compare results with sitemap XML

Ability to export full "link" - "status code" - "source link" CSV list

Ability to save "white label" PDF report (with my own agency name)

Add audit message "Too many external links"

Add audit message "Too many internal links"

Add social media share butons facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter etc.

Application should check "https support"

Automatic URL history

PDF report should include keywords

Support for "noindex" headers and meta tags

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A valid license key must be entered for voting!
Done πŸ‘ "Find" should display every found items, not just the first one

Done πŸ‘ Make it multilingual

Done πŸ‘ Printable report or PDF

Done πŸ‘ "Completed" must be written somewhere after a successful scan

Done πŸ‘ Ability to export full "title" - "source URL" CSV list

Done πŸ‘ Ability to export the result of page descriptions (CSV)

Done πŸ‘ Add "Backlink Checker" function

Done πŸ‘ Add audit message "Empty description"

Done πŸ‘ Add audit message "Empty H1"

Done πŸ‘ Add audit message "Empty title"

Done πŸ‘ Add categories/taxonomies tab

Done πŸ‘ Add H3 and H4 tabs

Done πŸ‘ Alexa rank should be in report http://data.alexa.com/data?cli=10&url=vovsoft.com

Done πŸ‘ Default "save as type" should be CSV

Done πŸ‘ Display word count (min 500 words - LOW WORD COUNT)

Done πŸ‘ Fix "https://vovsoft.com and https://vovsoft.com/ should not be different internal URLs"

Done πŸ‘ Rename "Description" to "Meta Description"

Done πŸ‘ Rename button "Export Sitemap" to "Export Results".

Done πŸ‘ Spell check words

Developer Note: Searching for each word from dictionary takes a long time. Published as new software: Website Spell Checker

Done πŸ‘ Support href attributes without quotation marks