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Keystroke Visualizer Feature Requests

Here are the features requested by users.

πŸ‘‰ We will try to implement the features with the most votes first.
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Keystroke Visualizer Icon Keystroke Visualizer Windows

Ability to select only specific keys to appear in the visualizer (I only want Ctrl and Alt, maybe Shift too, but I don't need Enter, Backspace, Tab, or the navigation/function keys)

Ability to change "Auto-run at Startup" option

Ability to customize the theme

Ability to display SHIFTED characters like @()#^* - display as the actual character, not as [Shift] [2] (Support for special characters)

Add a function to show keystrokes only when you are in a specific program. Sometimes I need to login to a websites and need to turn the program off manually to avoid exposing passwords.

Add an option to display the key on the System Tray instead

Add opacity setting (opacity slider)

Add option for a transparent background behind the text

Application should be in taskbar by default

Developer Note: This may not be a good idea because the application will be invisible even if user clicks the taskbar icon.

Application should show when you're holding the button

Display key image, instead of text

I need a longer display of keystrokes. Maybe the keys can be displayed in one color while I press them and after I let them go and I don't press another key the key still gets displayed in another color. So people can see what I pressed last, even if I press only for a short time.

I want a key visualiser but not like this, more like a mini keyboard and it colors the keys if pressed

I wish the succesive key strokes could be seen together for a few seconds and rolled away to the left

Visualize repeated pressing of the same key (Code52 Carnac has solved this well)

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A valid license key must be entered for voting!
Done πŸ‘ Ability to hide square brackets, such as [S]

Done πŸ‘ Add mouse input (left/middle/right click)

Done πŸ‘ Add multi-monitor support

Done πŸ‘ Fix "backtick character"

Done πŸ‘ Fix the problem, I've noticed that when I do something like [CTRL]+[C] it is either one key or another that stays displayed on the screen, not both

Done πŸ‘ German keyboard: STRG, instead of CTRL

Done πŸ‘ Keystrokes should appear in the correct order (e.g. Left + Ctrl instead of Ctrl + Left)