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Health Break Reminder Feature Requests

Here are the features requested by users.

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Health Break Reminder Icon Health Break Reminder Windows

A break should be able to be less than a minute, ie 30 seconds

Ability to change font settings

Ability to detect screen activity (like watching video). Watching video is not idle time.

Add activity summary (statistics)

Add hotkey (keyboard shortcuts) to enable and disable the timer

Application should remind itself when resetting timer because of idle time (user might move mouse to prevent from being idle when watching long video)

Remove the zeros from left of number display

Semi-transparent window

The alert could be only a system tray notification (the alert is too intrusive and in my face)

There should be a countdown for breaks where the user gets to decide how long the break will be instead of just a counter with the minutes and seconds that the user has to stop in order to go back to the work timer

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