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Prevent Disk Sleep Feature Requests

Here are the features requested by users.

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Prevent Disk Sleep Icon Prevent Disk Sleep Windows

Fix "I don't have the drives always powered on, so if I dehibernate the computer, as an example, I end up having lots of messages from Prevent Disk Sleep telling me that it is not able to write in the drive"

Application should display "folder mounted drives", in addition to drive letters

Ask before closing application (clicking X button)

Automatic turn off when I go to bed etc. (working hours) (possibility to let the disk go to sleep during certain (night) hours)

Consider making it so that the disk write interval could be different per disk

Provide an option to exclude SSDs and other non-spinning disk drives, and network drives

Publish it in Microsoft Store, that can also be installed on an Xbox

Should look like KeepAliveHD

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Done πŸ‘ Add automatically minimize

Done πŸ‘ Auto delete temporary file

Done πŸ‘ It should warn "network folders are not shown because you opened the application as administrator"

Done πŸ‘ This software should have option to run in background (system tray)