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Open Multiple Files Feature Requests

Here are the features requested by users.

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Open Multiple Files Icon Open Multiple Files Windows

Add an option for specific application to open specific files (as an example, a specific web browser for opening a specific URL and another browser for another URL)

For Windows 11, ability to open multiple folders as tabs rather than individual windows

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A valid license key must be entered for voting!
Done πŸ‘ Ability to select multiple files using CTRL and/or Shift keys as we usually do in Windows instead of ticking/unselecting files one by one

Done πŸ‘ Add "auto start" option

Done πŸ‘ Add batch export option as .cmd file, in addition to .bat

Done πŸ‘ Add feature to choose which programs to run from my favorites list by selecting them with the mouse pointer or by clicking on the checkboxes

Done πŸ‘ Application should automatically switch to "Open with" if user directly presses "Browse" function, because it is not logical in that case, that - after that action - "Open with System Defaults" still stays as default, and the user is forced to use the mouse again to chose "Open with" option.

Done πŸ‘ Instead of current fixed default for "Open with" (C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe), users should be able to set their own default program for "Open with" that will not be reset after each restart of 'Open Multiple Files', and so save two mouse clicks if they most frequently work with files that Notepad does not open.

Done πŸ‘ Unchecked items should stay unchecked whenever you open an .omfl* file