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Log Analyzer Feature Requests

Here are the features requested by users.

πŸ‘‰ We will try to implement the features with the most votes first.
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Log Analyzer Icon Log Analyzer Windows

Ability to compare 2 files

Ability to open read-only file in use by another process

Ability to search a drive for LOGs and open them in sequence

Ability to select individual text (not only lines)

Add file history to go back and forth (load 'next/prior' log in a directory)

Add line numbers

Fix "access violation" error when single line is huge (bigger than 1GB)

Fix "long lines fall off the right side with no way to pan across to read them, no line wrapping"

It should be sortable

Slow to load large files, application should immediately display the first screenful of lines as it loads the rest of the file

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A valid license key must be entered for voting!
Done πŸ‘ Fix "access violation" if file is very small (example key.txt)