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Copy Files Into Multiple Folders Feature Requests

Here are the features requested by users.

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Copy Files Into Multiple Folders Icon Copy Files Into Multiple Folders Windows

Automation (I want it to automatically copy folders and files as they change, and at the least, be able to run a batch file or something using commands)

Load and Run Operation Files should run in order, by waiting the old one to complete

Support for copying files to FTP

Verify files after copying (Checksums, MD5)

Add an option that copies not only the file but also the file path structure with its folders and subfolders
Even better: and that allows you to also prune the nesting of the copied file in the destination?
Example: if the source file is branched within 5 subfolders, I might want to keep only the last subfolder with the file inside:


That is, that it allowed to keep only a certain part of the structure useful in the case of files with the same name in different folders but with long paths

Don't auto-close if copy error occurs

Drag and drop new files to a "drop zone"

Exclude files without archive bit set

Fix "Application downloads the same input URL for each target folder"

Horizontal scrollbars

If file exists, there should be an option to put a number 2 on the filename, not only overwriting (A.txt, A(1).txt, A(2).txt)

Need to select files by criteria / wildcard

Option to keep/preserve "Creation Time"

Presets, each configured with a set of target folders, as many as you want

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A valid license key must be entered for voting!
Done πŸ‘ Add "Mirror" mode, which should copy to the target folders but delete all the previous content in target folders before copying the source content

Done πŸ‘ Add GZIP support for downloading files

Done πŸ‘ Need an option to only overwrite existing files if they are older

Done πŸ‘ Scheduled job (auto copy) (timer)