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Window Resizer Feature Requests

Here are the features requested by users.

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Window Resizer Icon Window Resizer Windows

Ability to add parameters for opening applications

Ability for a 'switch' to enable all Windows not specifically mentioned in a "load from file" to be automatically minimised/closed/sent to back

Ability to load file using command line

Ability to resize child windows, not the main window

Application should be able to resize minimized applications

I need to set profiles to organize my windows with specific size and positions to run next time

I would like to use some sort of wildcard in the save-file of the Layout (the CSV that can be saved in Window Resizer).
The use case is, that I want to resize Chrome, but it isn't recognized when I'm on a different tab than the one the file was saved with. A wildcard feature would circumvent this (of course that would introduce trouble with multiple window-matches due to wildcard usage).

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A valid license key must be entered for voting!
Done πŸ‘ Ability to minimize to system tray

Done πŸ‘ Ability to save custom window sizes

Done πŸ‘ Display window icon (probably using filename)

Done πŸ‘ If "Auto Load" is enabled, clicking "Clear" should disable "Auto Load"

Done πŸ‘ Some resolutions like 1920x1080 should be predefined