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Vov Sticky Notes Feature Requests

Here are the features requested by users.

πŸ‘‰ We will try to implement the features with the most votes first.
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πŸ‘‰ Each license key can be used for a maximum of 1 vote per feature!
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Vov Sticky Notes Icon Vov Sticky Notes Windows

Borderless windows, little buttons will show when mouse hovered (example on top-right), plus a little shadow under "papers". That's will great and will like a real sticky note! (Delete ve New buttons should be hidden)

Font styles such as bold, italic

Note window title should be changeable.

Ability to add checklist sticky notes

Ability to save all notes to a text file

Ability to sync to cloud.

Add option to display date as "Long date" and "short date"

Alt+N and Alt+H shortcuts should be changeable

Default "Note Window Margin" should be 0

Delete or hide old reminders

Find (Ctrl+F) should work across all notes

Fix "Ctrl+Z doesn't work after Ctrl+V"

Developer Note: This is a glitch of RichEdit, as we don't use the official "Paste From Clipboard" in order to convert rich-text to plain-text.

Introduce a setting for the user to determine where the data file is located. This is important because any user with an automated backup system is going to want to locate the file in a directory that fits in with his backup system.

Reminder backup

Reminders should be editable

Rename the right-click menu item "Lock" to "Unlock", if the note is "Locked"

Security code for the notes

1. User (or program) creates a folder called something like StickyTextRecords.

2. User (or program) puts various empty text files into the folder. The text files may have names such as: Expenses; ToDo, Contacts, Plans, Client Smith, Client Jones, TimeRecord.

3. At any time, the user can decide to send the contents of a stickynote to one of those text files. Right click includes an "Add to Text File", option that will cause the folder to open, displaying the file list.

4. User clicks on the text file to which he would like to add the current sticky note. The program that adds to the text in that file a carriage return, followed by a date and time stamp, followed by the text of the current sticky note.

5. Not all sticky notes would go to a file; only those in which the user determines should be added.

The result is that the user now has an ongoing record of expenses, todo's, contacts, individual client records, etc.

This would vastly enhance the utility of the sticky note application.

Of course, all of this could be done manually, but that means loss of time and greater potential for error.

Ability to add keyboard shortcuts for replacing text (example: Ctrl+Alt+1 replaces AAA to BBB)

Ability to add sound for reminders

Ability to create a list

Ability to include text in image notes

Ability to print all notes at once

Ability to schedule when a note will show and hide (I want to use stickers like reminders)

Ability to see remaining time for reminders

Add "Hide All Stickers Except This One"

Add "Stick to window" (user will select from running application list)

Add pin icon (stay on top)

Application icon should be visible in taskbar by default

Application should be visible even if user presses Win+D

Application should look like Windows Sticky Notes

Change default font (Comic Sans). Because it doesn't support Vietnamese characters.

Crop image note

I would like to add a 'New Sticky Note' entry to my Desktop right click context menu..., is there a command line parameter that would work as a registry entry? Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\VOVSOFT\Vov Sticky Notes\sticky.exe" "%1 - new" or something to that effect?

New cascade options

Paint note

Reminder color / font settings

Text should be opaque when window is transparent

Turn off the PC, restart the PC when the reminder pops up

Uninstaller should be able to delete data files too.

Video paste (with mute button)

Voice notes

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A valid license key must be entered for voting!
Done πŸ‘ "Stay on top" doesn't work for image stickers

Done πŸ‘ Ability to hide single note

Done πŸ‘ Application should allow only one instance

Done πŸ‘ Fix "application doesn't remember note position in multiple monitors"

Done πŸ‘ Fix the top value of Delete and New buttons

Done πŸ‘ Increase/decrease font size using mouse wheel

Done πŸ‘ Notes Manager should be able to hide/show notes using right-click

Done πŸ‘ Old and unseen reminders should be displayed after restart

Done πŸ‘ The Notes Manager should not display #13#10