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Domain Checker FAQ

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Date Last updated 7 months ago
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Here you can find a collection of the most frequently asked questions about Vovsoft Domain Checker software.


How many domain names can Domain Checker handle?
  • Domain Checker can handle up to 100 million domain names. You can load the domain names using a TXT or CSV file.
How to speed up the process?
  • Domain Checker checks domain names one by one. If you have a huge domain name list and want to speed up the process, please follow the steps:
  1. Make sure Settings > Delay is set to "0" (seconds).
  2. Split your large domain name list to multiple smaller files. (It's a good idea to make each file using different whois server. For example; one file for .COM domains, one file for .ORG domains.)
  3. Run multiple instances of the application and load one of the files to each.
How to avoid "Try Again Later" and "Bad Response" errors?
  • Domain Checker relies on online whois servers. If you check too many domains in a short time, you may get these errors. The number of domain checks per minute allowed by each whois server is different. For most TLDs you will not usually get these errors. If you are getting "Try Again Later" and "Bad Response" errors, please follow the steps:
  1. Use the menu Settings > Delay
  2. Try different values such as 1 second, 10 seconds or more. (On whois servers that allow few domain checks per minute, it's a good idea to set a high delay and have the program run for hours in the background.)


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