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How to Make Money with Domain Names

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Date Last updated 1 year ago
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Get Started in Domain Investing

Buying the rights to an internet domain name that someone else would want can allow you to make good money. The right domain name can create a substantial return on investment.

Thousands of people are generating income by investing in domain names.

Girl making money with domain names

Build A Solid Domain Name Portfolio

Building a high-quality domain name portfolio can take months or years to accomplish. Buying a good domain name and selling it over time is a common way for domain investors to turn a profit. Unfortunately most good .com and .net names are already registered.

Expired Domain Names

Thousands of domain names expire every day. The reasons are different. Some owners forget to renew the domains, some just don't want them anymore or they move on to other projects.

You can look at the expired or deleted domain names every day through these web sites:

Every day, GoDaddy releases fresh aftermarket data for free. Check out the GoDaddy FTP server using an FTP client such as FileZilla or WinSCP.

  • ftp.godaddy.com (username: auctions) (leave the password field blank)

For most people these so called "Expired Domains" don't have any value. They just see a bunch of Domain Names someone else deleted and move on, but for the people who know about SEO or the value of good backlinks, Expired Domain Names are money just waiting to get picked up from the street. The only problem is to separate the good ones from the bad ones.

Domain Value Can Be Estimated

You can estimate the real value of a domain name by using online appraisal tools. However, checking each individually, can become a real troublesome task. If you want to perform multiple domain appraisals for long domain lists, you can use Vovsoft Bulk Domain Appraisal.

Bulk Domain Appraisal Screenshot

The software is a good alternative to the GoDaddy appraisal tool.

Check Domain Name Availability

Another challenge to find valuable domain names is availability. You can check availability of multiple domain names at once by using Vovsoft Domain Checker.

Domain Checker Screenshot

It is a simple, but powerful whois lookup tool for users who are building a solid domain name portfolio. The software supports the most common TLDs (top-level domain) and allows you to check millions of domain names. It's a fact, Vovsoft Domain Checker is designed to handle up to 100 million domain names and run for hours, even days.

Register a Domain Name

Deciding on a domain registrar can feel impossible, especially with so many options to choose from. You can save money by relying on NameSilo!

NameSilo is one of the fastest growing registrars in the industry with more than 3 million active domains under management. NameSilo is in the top 15 of the nearly 3,000 ICANN-accredited registrars in the world.

Checkmark Cheap registration and renewal pricing

Checkmark Always free WHOIS privacy

Checkmark Always free DNS management

Checkmark 2-factor authorization

Checkmark Always free domain parking

Checkmark Always free domain defender protection

You can also get additional discount by entering the code below.

Namesilo 1$ OFF Coupon Code: discountnow

How to Sell Domain Names

You may have heard stories about domain names selling for sums of anywhere between a few dollars all the way up to several million dollars. Buying and selling domains can be extremely profitable. If you believe it is time to sell your domain name and make money, you can use the domain auction websites:


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Jun 13, 2023 at 09:53 pm (PST) | Reply
I have sooooooooo many domains. A few have have Moz Rank (one has 70 Moz Domain Rank). The rest are what I consider "elite, one-word domains" but they aren't .coms since those are all taken. BTW I love your tools. Thanks for sharing!

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