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How to Configure Network Alarmer

Date Last updated 9 months ago
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Required software:

Ping Multiple IP Addresses

You can add various IP addresses to the "PING Device IP List" and the software will verify whether they are online or not.

Auto Check Regularly

"Check Interval" must be filled in seconds. The software will check the IP list regularly and will alarm if any device is unreachable.

Alarm Script

You can call any web URL in order to send email or trigger some other functionality.

Here is a sample PHP email sender for Network Alarmer:

  • Enter "Alarm Script URL" like this:
  • PHP must be installed in the web server
$message = var_export($_POST, true);
mail('[email protected]', 'Subject', $message, 'From: [email protected]');
echo 'OK';

Dial Telephone Numbers

You need a fax/modem connected to your computer in order to dial numbers. The software will one by one dial all the phone numbers entered into the dial list.

Alarm Sound Effect

In case of a device failure, an alarm sound will be played. The default sound file can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\VOVSOFT\Network Alarmer\alarm.wav and it can be replaced by any other desired WAV file.

Monitor Air Conditioner Temperature

You can add your cooling device's IP address into the "Air Conditioner IP List". The software will give alarm, if the temperature exceeds predefined degrees.

If you have more than one cooling device and all of them are in a single room, you can use the "Single Room" checkbox. In this way, one single good temperature data is accepted as "no problem".

Supported cooling device:

  • Emerson Liebert


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