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How to Use Domain Checker

Date Last updated 1 year ago
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Check Multiple Domains At Once

By using a domain name checker software, you can create or enter a big list and search for available domain names.

Domain Checker Screenshot 1

You can click "Check All" button at the top menu to check all entered domain names. Or you can right-click any entered domain name specifically.

Domain Checker Screenshot 1

The software will connect to the whois servers and check the availability of any number of domain names.


  • Import domain names from text files
  • Export domain name lists into text or CSV files
  • Create domain name lists using formulas
  • Explore related domain names using Domain Wizard
  • Create domain name lists by mixing words
  • Access whois information, Alexa page or Domain Appraisal Value information of any domain name

Domain Checker Icon Domain Checker Windows

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