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What is GoDaddy API Key?

Date Last updated 4 weeks ago
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The GoDaddy API allows to interact with the GoDaddy system. The API can be used by anyone who wants to programmatically access GoDaddy services.

You will need an API Key and Secret to authenticate and authorize your requests.

Creating an API Key with GoDaddy

  1. Go to https://developer.godaddy.com
  2. Sign into your GoDaddy account
  3. Select "API Keys"
  4. Select "Create New API Key"
  5. Enter name
  6. Select "Production" under Environment
  7. Click "Next"
  8. The API Key is created
  9. It is very important to copy and paste the Key and Secret information onto a text editor or password manager as it will not be shown again
  10. After your Key and Secret are copied in another document, click "Got It"

Domain valuation using GoDaddy API

GoDaddy provides a free domain name valuation API. It's an interface open to public and it doesn't require login. However it allows more multiple checks when API key and API secret are provided.

Vovsoft Bulk Domain Appraisal can perform multiple domain appraisals for large domain lists. The software utilizes GoDaddy valuation API by default.

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