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Hide Files FAQ

Hide Files Icon Hide Files Windows

Question: Can other Windows user accounts run Hide Files, lock/unlock files/folders?

  • Yes. All users can access Hide Files if they know the valid Hide Files password.

Question: Can other computer users see my hidden files using Windows safe mode or command line?

  • No. The hidden files cannot be seen by other users without significant technical knowledge.

Question: Can I lock my external disk in my computer and unlock it in another computer by installing Hide Files on both of the computers?

  • No. Locking and unlocking can only be performed on the same computer.

Question: My computer crashed, i cannot access my hidden files. What can I do?

  • Your files are still on your hard disk. However their filenames and directory structure was on Windows Registry. Hide Files can not restore the files without Windows Registry entries. Please try recovering your files using recovery software such as Recuva, ZAR X, R-Studio, GetDataBack.

Question: My locked files/folders are not displayed on Hide Files. What is wrong?

  • You must use the same Windows installation. If Windows was restored to an old installation point or reinstalled or Windows Registry was cleared, Hide Files can not display and unlock the files/folders.

Question: I try to lock a file/folder but I get an error message. What can I do?

  • The files or folders you want to lock should not be used by another application or Windows service.

Question: I try to unlock a file/folder but I get an error message. What can I do?

  • Make sure the target file/folder is not used by another process.
  • If the file/folder you wish to unlock is on an external drive, make sure the drive is connected and the drive letter is the same.
  • You can also try to create the folders manually. Thus, the software can try to restore the files in them. This kind of problems can occur because of user privileges.

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