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Vovsoft File Associations

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Date Last updated 4 months ago
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Vovsoft programs use files in various formats. During installation, these applications can associate specific file extensions with user consent.

The file types are listed below for your reference:

Software File Extension Description

Copy Files Into Multiple Folders IconCopy Files Into Multiple Folders

.COPF Copy Files Into Multiple Folders Operation File

Delete Multiple Files IconDelete Multiple Files

.DELF Delete Multiple Files Operation File

Desktop Diary IconDesktop Diary

.JDB Journal Database File

Diagram Maker IconDiagram Maker

.DMDB Diagram Maker Database File

Hide Files IconHide Files

.DBX Hide Files Encrypted File

Merge Multiple Folders IconMerge Multiple Folders

.MEMF Merge Multiple Folders Operation File

Open Multiple Files IconOpen Multiple Files

.OMFL Open Multiple Files List

PDF Reader IconPDF Reader

.PDF Portable Document Format File

Search Text In Files IconSearch Text In Files

.STIF Search Text In Files Operation File

Text Edit Plus IconText Edit Plus

.TXT Plain Text File

Tree Notes IconTree Notes

.VTN Vovsoft Tree Notes File

Visual Notes IconVisual Notes

.VNDB Visual Notes Database File

Vov Sticky Notes IconVov Sticky Notes

.SDB Vov Sticky Notes Database File
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