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What is Lifetime License?

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Date Last updated 5 months ago
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What does "Lifetime License" mean? What is your update policy?

"Lifetime License" means that you can use the purchased product as long as you want and as long as the computer you use it on meets the system requirements.

All Vovsoft products are sold with a lifetime (perpetual) license and updates (future versions) are always free of charge. A paid lifetime license will never expire. No strings attached.

💡 As time goes by, the system requirements of programs can change. For instance, in the past, all our programs used to run on Windows XP. Yet today, numerous programs necessitate a minimum of Windows 7, with some even demanding Windows 10. So, if you want to stick with Windows XP, the new versions may not be compatible with your system. Of course, when you update your system, you can certainly use the new versions.

What will happen if activation servers go down?

Vovsoft products can be activated using both online and offline activation. The simplest one is online activation. You just enter your license key and it activates immediately if everything is alright. Vovsoft programs, once activated, do not need to connect to the online activation server again.

In cases where your computer is not connected to the internet or our activation servers are not working properly, you can activate offline. For offline activation, you need an offline activation code. To create your offline activation code, you can use the self-service Vovsoft Client Area.

If you are planning to enjoy our software for decades (even after the internet is gone and zombies are swarming around), we recommend that you create a virtual machine (using VMware, VirtualBox, Parallels), create an offline activation code for that computer and keep them safe.

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