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Difference between SynEdit and Classic Large Image

Difference between SynEdit and Classic

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Date Last updated 2 months ago
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Text Edit Plus supports 2 text engines: SynEdit and Classic

The default text engine is SynEdit, however users are free to switch between them. Use the Options menu, then click Text Engine.

SynEdit vs Classic Interface

What is SynEdit?

SynEdit is an open-source editor component, not based on the Windows common controls. Vovsoft's SynEdit implementation has some pros and cons.

Advantage Syntax highlighting
Advantage Gutter (line numbers)
Advantage Spell checker
Advantage Ability to load large text files
Advantage Unicode detector
Advantage Vertical selection (using Alt)
Advantage Multiple undo and redo
Advantage Highlight active line
Advantage Insert / overwrite key
Advantage Extra line spacing
Advantage Tab options
Disadvantage Only supports fixed-pitch (monospaced) fonts
Disadvantage Does not support right-to-left (RTL) alignment

What is Classic Text Engine?

Classic text engine uses the common control provided by Microsoft Windows. It's basically the same text engine in Notepad.

Advantage Supports all kinds of fonts
Advantage Supports right-to-left alignment (for languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian)
Disadvantage Can not load large text files
Disadvantage Does not support SynEdit's advantages


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