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PDF to Text Converter
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License Key: 7PA98-56UP2-6KNAE
Product Name: PDF to Text Converter v1.4
Product Website: https://vovsoft.com/software/pdf-to-text-converter/

► Campaign Start: June 30, 2024
► Campaign End: July 7, 2024

PDF to Text Converter Giveaway

PDF (Portable Document Format), developed by Adobe, is a widely used format that helps people share their documents with each other. However, handling PDF documents requires dedicated software. Vovsoft PDF to Text Converter is a hassle-free software solution that makes it easy for you to convert your PDF documents to texts that can be exported to standalone files. The program can convert PDF files to TXT files without uploading them to online servers. The main window is minimalist, all available features are as clear as possible, so that even novices can easily extract the contents of their PDF files. You can load more than one file at a time. In other words, you can select multiple documents by manually browsing to their location or using drag'n'drop, then extract their content all at the same time. All their text is automatically extracted and shown within the main window, while also offering you the possibility to make changes if needed - you can treat it as if it were any other text document on your PC. You can cut, copy and paste words, sentences or paragraphs. When you are done altering the data and you are happy with the result, you can save it as TXT and store it to any folder.


Terms and Conditions

  • No free updates; if you update the giveaway, it may become unregistered
  • You must download and install the giveaway before this offer has ended
  • Lifetime license
  • May not be resold

Technical Details

  • Developed by Vovsoft
  • Supports Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)

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Jul 1, 2024 at 07:02 am (PST) | Reply
NO OCR! tesseract licensing may be compatible. Output window does not clear when a new PDF file is loaded, txt file output name has no logical default of PDF file name with .txt extension.... nowhere on UI is name of currently loaded PDF file, essential if you are not auto-populating the file name portion of the output file appropriately! Portable edition works OK with the previous problems under 32bit Vista no reason to assume using under 64bit windows 10 would produce different results. I note this program is distributed under LGPLv3 are you sure it's OK to incorporate a GPLv2 or 3 program (xpdf pdftotext.exe command line tool) within the distribution given that LGPLv3 is not GPLv2 or 3 compatible? If it were there would be no need for LGPLv3 would there?

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