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Math Practice

Giveaway End Date: July 28, 2024
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Batch Image Resizer

Giveaway End Date: July 21, 2024 (Sale has ended!)
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Video to Photos

Giveaway End Date: July 14, 2024 (Sale has ended!)
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Window Resizer (via SharewareOnSale)

Giveaway End Date: July 12, 2024 (Sale has ended!)
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PDF to Text Converter

Giveaway End Date: July 07, 2024 (Sale has ended!)
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Jul 25, 2024 at 03:34 am (PST)
the specifications of the sound files should address .\ relative current folder references by default rather than hard coded paths from drive letter to the file seeing as the wav files by default are in the current folder. On choosing the files it should compare the path to the chosen file to the path to the executable and if the same use a relative path reference and not a full path from drive letter which may differ from one execution to the next on a portable "installation". It does this behind the scenes initially but once sounds are played the settings.ini is populated with full drive letter to file path and not the correct .\wrong.wav entry.

When choosing the hard multiplication I find most of the calculations do not need to be completed because most of the wrong choices are so outlandish that one needs to only ball-park the calculation to be able to determine the correct answer... is this intentional to teach users of the program one can get away with being lazy when calculating by guesstimating the correct answers? The problem with that is it only works if the correct answer is given along with obviously wrong answers, it does not teach the participant to do the mathematics to completion and so get a correct answer when none are given. Wrong answers need to be generated intelligently i.e. be within the same most significant digits and to prevent least significant multiplications shortcut to be the correct least significant digit across the answers... make the hard actually require the participant do the calculation and not cheat!

Avatar Image
Tony Vernon
Jul 22, 2024 at 01:39 pm (PST)
SharewareOnSale is not sending me anything.
Can you help me?
I really need it.
How can I contact?

Avatar Image
Carle Smith
Jul 11, 2024 at 09:25 am (PST)
where is my giveaway license key on 07/11/2024? The offer says preregistered, but once installed, seems the license area is blank?

Avatar Image
Jul 8, 2024 at 01:07 pm (PST)
Any particular reason you've forced 64bit executables on us? You just spawn FFMPEG.EXE to do the decoding/re-encoding of video into images and that certainly does not need more than a couple of hundred megabytes memory allocation, certainly does not stretch any 32bit systems! Somewhere I downloaded a 32bit v1.5 on a previous giveaway with a 64bit FFMPEG/FFPROBE.EXE pair forcing the uninitiated into having to use 64bit architecture but by replacing the FFMPEG.EXE and FFPROBE.EXE with any static compiled 32bit executables the whole thing works under 32bit and 64bit systems just fine, as it should do! I notice you are extracting frames one a ta time, is there no way produce a file of commands a single instance of FFMPEG.EXE parses and then executes instead of just extracting a single frame to the selected image type then terminating and moving on to the next and re-executing FFMPEG.EXE again just for another single frame extraction... Also seeing if there is no other way to extract frames than in single instances it would be sensible to include a check to see if the user would like to cancel the extraction between each frame rather than making the entire conversion a blocking event with no UI interaction for the entire operation! You could also update the UI with a progress counter since you can have ffprobe.exe determine the frame count and precisely display progress and offer the chance to cancel as the conversion process is painfully slow as both 64bit and 32bit architectures due to extracting one frame at a time per-instance of FFMPEG.EXE execution.

Avatar Image
Dennis OConnor
Jul 6, 2024 at 12:41 pm (PST)
I wanted to read the reviews for this product but, when I clicked on the stars, the site thought I was submitting a review myself. Please delete my star rating from July 6 at about 3:30 Eastern time in the US. Thanks!

Avatar Image
Jul 1, 2024 at 07:02 am (PST)
NO OCR! tesseract licensing may be compatible. Output window does not clear when a new PDF file is loaded, txt file output name has no logical default of PDF file name with .txt extension.... nowhere on UI is name of currently loaded PDF file, essential if you are not auto-populating the file name portion of the output file appropriately! Portable edition works OK with the previous problems under 32bit Vista no reason to assume using under 64bit windows 10 would produce different results. I note this program is distributed under LGPLv3 are you sure it's OK to incorporate a GPLv2 or 3 program (xpdf pdftotext.exe command line tool) within the distribution given that LGPLv3 is not GPLv2 or 3 compatible? If it were there would be no need for LGPLv3 would there?

Avatar Image
Jun 26, 2024 at 03:45 pm (PST)
atch URL Downloader We want a gift from this program We want a gift copy of the site

Avatar Image
Jun 23, 2024 at 11:06 am (PST)
can I put this promotion on my website?

Avatar Image
Jun 23, 2024 at 10:35 am (PST)
no portable build possible?

Avatar Image
Jun 9, 2024 at 10:49 am (PST)
why only 64bit executable? does the same technique not work using 32bit Windows API?