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Windows Desktop Gadgets

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Date Last updated 1 year ago
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Desktop gadgets are small applications that are designed to provide quick access to information. Our desktop widgets for Microsoft Windows are listed below:

CPU Monitor Gadget IconCPU Monitor Gadget

Displays real-time CPU usage

Disk Monitor Gadget IconDisk Monitor Gadget

Monitors free disk space

Health Break Reminder IconHealth Break Reminder

Reminds break time

Keyboard Lights IconKeyboard Lights

Caps Lock and Num Lock LEDs software

Keystroke Visualizer IconKeystroke Visualizer

Displays pressed keys

RAM Monitor Gadget IconRAM Monitor Gadget

Displays how much RAM is being used

Vov Sticky Notes IconVov Sticky Notes

Creates digital stickers and reminders

Vov System Uptime IconVov System Uptime

Displays Windows uptime

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Patrick Dalgety
Oct 31, 2022 at 12:10 pm (PST) | Reply
I have 4 monitors running simultaneously each one supposedly can be switched-off/go-to-sleep by the win11 PC. instead they dont

How about a gadget that turns off the monitors leaving the PC running, when you go to log back in (with a shake of the mouse) they all come back

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