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Shortcut Keys for Vov Music Player

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Vov Music Player is a user-friendly audio player software designed for Windows. Its minimalistic interface ensures a straightforward and effortless experience for users.

Vov Music Player


The program offers support for convenient shortcuts through menus, keyboard inputs, and mouse controls.

Volume + Keyboard Ctrl + ↑
Volume + Keyboard Num key +
Volume - Keyboard Ctrl + ↓
Volume - Keyboard Num key -
Play / Pause Keyboard Num key *
Play / Pause Keyboard Space key
Forward + Keyboard Ctrl + →
Rewind - Keyboard Ctrl + ←
Next > Keyboard Shift + →
Previous < Keyboard Shift + ←
Close Player Keyboard Alt + F4
Hide Player Keyboard Esc
Show Player System Tray Icon LMC
Play / Pause System Tray Icon Shift + LMC
Forward + Keyboard + Mouse Shift + Wheel Up
Rewind - Keyboard + Mouse Shift + Wheel Down
Next > Keyboard + Mouse Alt + Wheel Up
Previous < Keyboard + Mouse Alt + Wheel Down
Resize Player + Keyboard + Mouse Ctrl + Wheel Up
Resize Player - Keyboard + Mouse Ctrl + Wheel Down
Play Keyboard P
Pause Keyboard U
Stop Keyboard S
Next > Keyboard N
Previous < Keyboard V
Forward + Keyboard O
Rewind - Keyboard R
Add to Favorites Keyboard F
Select Directory Keyboard E
Online Help Keyboard F1
Visualizer Keyboard Ctrl + Alt + V
Equalizer Keyboard Ctrl + E
Playlist Keyboard Ctrl + P
Play History Keyboard Ctrl + H
Favorites Keyboard Ctrl + F
Stay On Top Keyboard Ctrl + O
Change Theme Keyboard Ctrl + T
Channel: Stereo Keyboard Ctrl + S
Channel: Left Keyboard Ctrl + L
Channel: Right Keyboard Ctrl + R
DSP Effect: 3D Rotation Keyboard Ctrl + 1
DSP Effect: Echo Keyboard Ctrl + 2
DSP Effect: Flanger Keyboard Ctrl + 3

LMC: Left Mouse Click

Supported Media Keys

Vov Music Player supports media keys as well.

Media keys, also known as multimedia keys or function keys, are specialized keys found on some keyboards that are designed to provide quick and convenient control over media playback and other multimedia functions. These keys are typically located at the top of the keyboard, often in a dedicated section or as secondary functions on the F-keys.

  • VolumeUp
  • VolumeDown
  • VolumeMute
  • MediaNextTrack
  • MediaPrevTrack
  • MediaStop
  • MediaPlayPause


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