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Date Last updated 1 year ago
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John Lrrr
Oct 3, 2021 at 06:27 am (PST) | Reply
heya there @ Vovsoft. Can you add the version number to the installer filename at the end of it please ? Its easier to verify the software if there's a new version out and needs an update. Thank you.

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Philip Staiger
Nov 7, 2020 at 03:56 pm (PST) | Reply
hi there, there is a growing need to extract and translate subtitles from videos. Can you develop a tool that will work with YouTube's vtt files, and srt files? extract the subtitles, then offer to translate them with machine translation. It needs to string together multiple lines per subtitle record into one before trabnslating, then re-split them and apply the same timestamp. Easy if it's a single line per subtitle, but 2, 3 or more lines are tricky. Youtube puts all subtitles into a blob, you can then machine translate the whole thing, in context, and they have a remapping tool to split it back into the right timestamps. You could find this of growing popularity. Ask me more details. I work with machine translation software. We might even have a need for such solutions from some customers. Neural MT combined with neural ASR (automatic speech recognition), or subtitles in SRT and other formats. SRT can even include formatting tags like <b>, <i>, and fonts for color.

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