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Prevent Disk Sleep FAQ

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Date Last updated 2 years ago
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Here you can find a collection of the most frequently asked questions about "Vovsoft Prevent Disk Sleep" software.


How to have the program open automatically every time the computer is turned on?
  • Use the top menu: Options -> Auto start at Start-up

Why network shared folders do not appear in the program?
  • If you run the program as Administrator (elevated), you can't see network drives (NAS). This is because the mapped drives were created under a login different from the administrator login. If you want to use mapped drives, the application must be run as current user.

Is it harmful to use Prevent Disk Sleep?
  • That would depend on the age of the hard drive and the brand. Today's hard drives are made for 24/7 usage. Having said that, HDD manufacturers recommend “unplugging the drive when not in use, although it is safe to keep a hard drive running.”

Why Prevent Disk Sleep is causing USB error on my computer?
  • Although all Prevent Disk Sleep does is write to a file periodically, some users complained that Prevent Disk Sleep was causing USB related error messages. According to our investigations, the error is linked to incompatible USB drivers, old legacy drivers and some encryption software.

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