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PDF Reader Command Line Options

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Date Last updated 1 year ago
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Vovsoft PDF Reader supports the command line options listed on this page. You can specify the following command line arguments when you start the software.


Application starts minimized.


pdfreader.exe /minimize


Sends PDF document to default printer queue without displaying any Print Dialog.


pdfreader.exe "c:\test.pdf" /print


Goes to specified page number.


pdfreader.exe "c:\test.pdf" /page=15


Scales PDF document according to specified parameter. Available options are auto, width, height and zoom percentage.


pdfreader.exe "c:\test.pdf" /scale=auto
pdfreader.exe "c:\test.pdf" /scale=width
pdfreader.exe "c:\test.pdf" /scale=height
pdfreader.exe "c:\test.pdf" /scale=50


Application disables printing PDF documents.


pdfreader.exe /disableprint


Application disables opening PDF files.


pdfreader.exe /disableopen


Application disables saving PDF files.


pdfreader.exe /disablesave


Need more options?

We are constantly trying to improve our products. If you need a different command line parameter, please let us know by writing in the comments or by contacting us.

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