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Date Last updated 3 years ago
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If you have a blog or web site, we would very much appreciate you linking to Vovsoft.

You could, for example, use one of the following HTML syntax:

Link Sample #1

<a href="https://vovsoft.com">Vovsoft</a>

Link Sample #2

<a href="https://vovsoft.com/software/vov-sticky-notes/">Vov Sticky Notes</a>

Link Sample #3

<a href="https://vovsoft.com"><img src="https://vovsoft.com/images/vovsoft-logo.png" alt="Vovsoft"></a>

Logos and Banners

You may also use any of the following logos and banners:

Vovsoft Logo Animation Vovsoft Logo Square Vovsoft Logo 32 Vovsoft Logo 16
Vovsoft Logo Vovsoft Logo Small

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