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How to Get Backlinks using Broken Link Detector

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Date Last updated 3 years ago
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Backlink outreach is one of the most frequent outreach campaigns that SEOs have on their to-do lists. Knowing how to get backlinks is crucial if the goal is to improve your rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Get backlinks using Broken Link strategy

Broken link building strategy relies on you telling a website owner that there's a non-working link on their page. Not only will you make them aware of an SEO issue, but you'd also do the work for them by recommending a link that fits in instead.

First Step: Check for Broken Links

Second Step: Contact to the website owner

Hi {Website Owner Name},

I was doing research that led me to your website, where I noticed a broken link. Specifically:
URL: {Page URL}
Anchor: {Anchor}
Dead URL: {Dead URL}

Fixing these things is far from an exciting task, but I assume you want this taken care of. If so, may I throw in a solid replacement link for consideration...
Title: {My Title}

Wish you the best,
{Your Name}

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