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File Utilities for Windows

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Date Last updated 1 year ago
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File management programs allow users to perform a wide variety of functions. On this page, you can find our file related utilities.

Copy Files Into Multiple Folders IconCopy Files Into Multiple Folders

Batch file copy software

CSV Splitter IconCSV Splitter

Splits CSV into multiple files

Delete Multiple Files IconDelete Multiple Files

Batch delete tool

Directory Monitor IconDirectory Monitor

Tracks activity within a folder

Document Manager IconDocument Manager

Helps you manage your documents

Dummy File Generator IconDummy File Generator

Creates multiple files

Duplicate File Finder IconDuplicate File Finder

Finds duplicate files

File Checksum Calculator IconFile Checksum Calculator

Verifies cryptographic hashes

File Splitter And Joiner IconFile Splitter And Joiner

Splits and merges files

Filename Lister IconFilename Lister

Lists files and directories

Find And Replace Multiple Files IconFind And Replace Multiple Files

Replaces multiple files at once

RegEx Extractor IconRegEx Extractor

Extracts text from files

Hide Files IconHide Files

Secures your files and folders

Merge XML Files IconMerge XML Files

Combines multiple XML files

Merge Multiple Folders IconMerge Multiple Folders

Combines multiple folders into one

Open Multiple Files IconOpen Multiple Files

Multiple file opener software

Rename Multiple Files IconRename Multiple Files

Fast and easy batch renamer

Search Text In Files IconSearch Text In Files

Finds files containing specific text

URL Extractor IconURL Extractor

Grabs links from files

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Chris C.
Apr 8, 2021 at 07:43 am (PST) | Reply
I'm not sure why WindowResizer isn't listed here, but I wanted to say how great it was.

I was getting frustrated, when connecting my phone, that Windows Explorer, which is the only thing that works with bloody MTP, always opens at a random size and position. You see, I open two Explorer windows to make my file transfers.

Opening two Explorer windows side by side, one for the device and another for my hard disk, after setting the window for the device on the left and the other one for the hard disk on the right, one simply records the position for each window title and it is recorded in the registry so that next time these windows are activated, they automatically size and position themselves, without WindowResizer needing to run. A great time saver!

One can of course manually resize and reposition these windows, but then next time these windows are opened you will have lost your previously recorded setting.

If I could suggest any improvements, it would be the ability to remember and apply the settings permanently at Windows Start and access through the system tray to record other windows and apply any changes. That would make it perfect!

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