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Search Text In Files Version History

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Version History

Changelog for the latest releases:

This page contains the complete changelog of Search Text In Files, detailing what has changed in each version.

Search Text In Files 4.2
January 15, 2024 (PST)

  • Improved PDF error handling
  • Added “Show Errors” option into “PDF Processing” menu
  • “Show Found Lines” is disabled when “Search Text” is empty
  • Improved speed
  • Fixed tab key problem

Search Text In Files 4.1
December 4, 2023 (PST)

  • Supported PDFium
  • Improved PDF handling
  • Improved UI

Search Text In Files 4.0
November 24, 2023 (PST)

  • Added “Show Found Lines”
  • Allowed multiple file masks separated by semicolon
  • Improved UI

Search Text In Files 3.7
November 15, 2023 (PST)

  • Fixed some threading related bugs

Search Text In Files 3.6
November 9, 2023 (PST)

  • Fixed “number of items” bug

Search Text In Files 3.5
August 18, 2023 (PST)

  • Added “Hide File Extension” option
  • CSV export includes header titles
  • Added “Export to Excel”
  • Improved UI

Search Text In Files 3.4
November 11, 2022 (PST)

  • Supported long path filenames
  • Improved “Rename File” window

Search Text In Files 3.3
September 26, 2022 (PST)

  • StatusBar displays number of found files
  • Changed “Find Text” to “Search Text”
  • Added “List files where Search Text is missing” option
  • New icon

Search Text In Files 3.2
August 5, 2022 (PST)

  • Improved thread and GUI relationship
  • INI file is now UTF-8 encoded

Search Text In Files 3.1
July 14, 2022 (PST)

  • Implemented virtual listview that can display up to 100,000,000 lines
  • Updated Xpdf
  • Xpdf can only be activated if operating system is Windows 7 or later
  • Fixed crash problem for some PDF files
  • Fixed thread related GUI glitch
  • Implemented loading icon
  • Improved UI

Search Text In Files 3.0
May 24, 2022 (PST)

  • Added “Find” menu item into “Select” menu

Search Text In Files 2.9
April 26, 2022 (PST)

  • Remembers last directory, filename filter, find text and ignore text
  • Fixed ignore text bug

Search Text In Files 2.8
February 22, 2022 (PST)

  • Remembers form position
  • Remembers column widths
  • Remembers checkbox values
  • Improved “Options” menu
  • Fixed “Ignore Text” panel position bug

Search Text In Files 2.7
January 1, 2022 (PST)

  • “Show Icons” displays images using 32-bit color depth
  • Added “Select” menu
  • Added “Send to Recycle Bin” menu item

Search Text In Files 2.6
December 12, 2021 (PST)

  • Improved error handling

Search Text In Files 2.5
November 6, 2021 (PST)

  • Added support for searching PDF files for both single-line and multi-line text
  • Fixed freeze problem when multi-line text search is performed on files that are already-in-use by other processes

Search Text In Files 2.4
October 14, 2021 (PST)

  • Added “Ignore Text” option

Search Text In Files 2.3
October 12, 2021 (PST)

  • Added “Rename (F2)“ menu item

Search Text In Files 2.2
August 25, 2021 (PST)

  • Supported wildcards for “Filename Filter”
  • Implemented .stif filetype association as “Operation File”
  • Implemented splitter in order to enlarge “Search Text” lines
  • Improved UI

Search Text In Files 2.1
April 25, 2021 (PST)

  • “Drag and drop” accepts file by extracting its directory

Search Text In Files 2.0
April 21, 2021 (PST)

  • Supported multi-line search text
  • Improved search speed
  • Improved CSV cell export
  • Double-click opens file with default associated application

Search Text In Files 1.8
January 1, 2021 (PST)

  • Fixed integer column sorting problem

Search Text In Files 1.7
November 18, 2020 (PST)

  • Fixed “select directory” bug occurring in Windows XP

Search Text In Files 1.6
November 11, 2020 (PST)

  • Implemented modern “select directory” dialog
  • Displays elapsed time
  • Added “Case-Sensitive” checkbox for “Filename Filter”
  • Filesize is displayed in bytes for easier sorting
  • Improved UI

Search Text In Files 1.5
September 13, 2020 (PST)

  • Supported drag and drop
  • Implemented high-DPI icons
  • Improved UI

Search Text In Files 1.4
September 2, 2020 (PST)

  • Added “Case-Sensitive” checkbox for “Search Text”
  • Removed ASCII based text-file check in order to support international characters
  • Supported portable deployment

Search Text In Files 1.3
February 22, 2020 (PST)

  • Lists all files if no search string is entered
  • Added “Copy Filenames” menu items

Search Text In Files 1.2
April 16, 2019 (PST)

  • “Open with Notepad” and “Open with default application” are added into popupmenu

Search Text In Files 1.1
December 24, 2018 (PST)

  • Fixed auto select list item bug when mouse is over
  • Fixed file in use bug

Search Text In Files 1.0
December 18, 2018 (PST)

  • First public release

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