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Photos to Video Version History

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Version History

Changelog for the latest releases:

This page contains the complete changelog of Photos to Video, detailing what has changed in each version.

Photos to Video 2.4
January 23, 2024 (PST)

  • Fixed GIF output problem
  • Supported deleting items with Delete key

Photos to Video 2.3
December 15, 2022 (PST)

  • Added “Video Output Resolution”
  • Added “Add Folder” toolbar item
  • Added “Open”, “Open Folder Location” and “Properties” menu items
  • Default encoder is OpenH264
  • Settings.ini file is UTF-8 encoded
  • Fixed some high-DPI issues
  • Improved UI

Photos to Video 2.2
November 30, 2021 (PST)

  • Supported GIF output
  • Fixed INI file bug

Photos to Video 2.1
November 28, 2021 (PST)

  • Updated FFmpeg
  • Supported OpenH264
  • Implemented “Auto Resize”
  • Implemented reordering by drag and drop
  • Statusbar displays number of items
  • Fixed old images bug

Photos to Video 2.0
August 12, 2021 (PST)

  • Allowed wider range of FPS (Frame Per Second)
  • Implemented modern “select directory” dialog allowing to create new folder and resize
  • Implemented loading cursor
  • Implemented high-DPI icons
  • Supported portable deployment
  • Prevented existing video files from being overwritten
  • Nag screen intuitively handles ESC key

Photos to Video 1.7
April 9, 2020 (PST)

  • Updated FFmpeg
  • Image dimensions are now displayed
  • Confirmation popup is displayed if image dimensions are not identical

Photos to Video 1.6
April 24, 2019 (PST)

  • WEBM support
  • UI improvements

Photos to Video 1.5
November 5, 2018 (PST)

  • UI improvements

Photos to Video 1.4
August 22, 2018 (PST)

  • UI improvements

Photos to Video 1.3
June 18, 2018 (PST)

  • This version fixes some bugs

Version Evolution

We are always working to improve our software for a better user experience!

Please make sure you are up to date to avoid any known issues and to get the best of what the software has to offer!

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