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Keep Software Alive Version History

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Changelog of latest releases:

Keep Software Alive 1.8
September 10, 2021

  • Installer adds item to commonstartup instead of using schtasks

Keep Software Alive 1.7
August 23, 2021

  • Deployed 64-bit executable
  • Fixed some memory leaks

Keep Software Alive 1.6
July 30, 2021

  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Implemented high-DPI icons
  • Supported portable deployment

Keep Software Alive 1.5
May 13, 2021

  • Added “Auto Check” menu item under “Options”
  • Implemented UTF-8 support for file export
  • Fixed bug preventing empty row deletion
  • Improved UI

Keep Software Alive 1.4
March 6, 2020

  • Added export features
  • Supported services

Keep Software Alive 1.3
November 6, 2019

  • Startup directory can be specified, because some executables can malfunction without this parameter
  • Minimizes instead of closing with the closing cross
  • Ignores the case when searching for active process

Keep Software Alive 1.2
October 13, 2019

  • Added “Edit Form”
  • Applications can be started with parameters which can be entered using “Edit Form”

Keep Software Alive 1.1
January 17, 2019

  • Fixed bugs

Keep Software Alive 1.0
January 17, 2019

  • First public release

Version Evolution

We are always working to improve our software for a better user experience!

Please make sure you are up to date to avoid any known issues and to get the best of what the software has to offer!

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