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Filename Lister Version History

Filename Lister Icon Filename Lister Windows

Changelog of latest releases:

Filename Lister 2.8
February 23, 2020

  • Added "Copy Filenames" menu items

Filename Lister 2.7
February 15, 2020

  • Drag and Drop now works with or without administrator privileges

Filename Lister 2.6
October 23, 2019

  • Calculates elapsed time
  • Improved "Export to File" menu

Filename Lister 2.5
January 16, 2019

  • Added select all, select none and invert selection features
  • Fixed HotTrack bug

Filename Lister 2.4
December 18, 2018

  • Include subfolders is now optional
  • Shows file and folder icons
  • Selected files and folders can be copied to clipboard
  • Selected files and folders can be deleted from disk

Filename Lister 2.3
October 9, 2018

  • Stop button is provided
  • Delete key is recognized in order to delete from the list
  • Status bar is added

Filename Lister 2.2
July 12, 2018

  • This version fixes some bugs

Filename Lister 2.1
June 26, 2018

  • This version fixes some bugs

Filename Lister 2.0
June 18, 2018

  • This version fixes some bugs

We are always working to improve our software for a better user experience!

Please make sure you are up to date to avoid any known issues and to get the best of what the software has to offer!

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