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File Conversion Software

Date Last updated 6 months ago
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Our file conversion utilities are listed below.

These programs can run on Windows-installed desktop or laptop computers. You can convert a wide variety of files by relying on Vovsoft software.

Convert Video to Audio IconConvert Video to Audio

Extracts audio from video files

CSV to SQL Converter IconCSV to SQL Converter

Converts CSV to SQL

CSV to VCF Converter IconCSV to VCF Converter

Converts Excel to VCF

CSV to XLS Converter IconCSV to XLS Converter

Converts CSV to Excel

Image to PDF Converter IconImage to PDF Converter

Converts photos to PDF

Photos to Video IconPhotos to Video

Converts images to video

PDF to Image Converter IconPDF to Image Converter

Converts PDF to image

PDF to Text Converter IconPDF to Text Converter

Converts PDF to text

Speech to Text Converter IconSpeech to Text Converter

Converts audio to text

Text to Image Converter IconText to Image Converter

Convert any text to image file

Text to MP3 Converter IconText to MP3 Converter

Converts text to speech

Text to PDF Converter IconText to PDF Converter

Convert text to PDF

VCF to XLS Converter IconVCF to XLS Converter

Converts VCF to Excel

VCF to CSV Converter IconVCF to CSV Converter

Converts VCF to CSV

VCF to TXT Converter IconVCF to TXT Converter

Convert VCF to Text

Video Converter IconVideo Converter

Converts video files

Video to Photos IconVideo to Photos

Converts videos to image files

XLS to CSV Converter IconXLS to CSV Converter

Converts Excel to CSV

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